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Published on March 24th, 2011 | by Aaron


Tease Me, Baby! – Captain America (Full Length Trailer)

During the Super Bowl we were treated to a jam packed 30-second TV trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger. It was the only footage we had seen of the film and in my review of said trailer I screamed with delight about how they got the tone and the message right.

Well, the full two and a half minute trailer has been released and I couldn’t resist revisiting, with hope in my heart that Marvel’s production company keeps up their fine tradition of releasing great trailers for good films.

And while a lot of the same footage appears again, this allows us to take a much deeper look into what we might be getting in July.

Lets talk about this a little.

– “When Captain America throws his mighty shield…”

I can’t decide if this is incredibly corny or a nice touch.

Cool: It’s scrawny-Rogers standing up for himself against a big bully. He’s using his wits, his moxy. He’s using a make shift shield
Lame: It’s all a little bit too on-the-nose. Especially as you know you’re going to see him with the real one very soon.

– Oh hai, Bucky!

I like that they’ve changed Bucky’s story a little bit. In the comics he’s a teenager who Rogers takes under his wing. And while many young men fought in WWII, it’s nice that they made him a little older.

It appears that he takes scrawny-Rogers under his wing too which will be a nice relationship turn-around when he later becomes Cap.

– Iron Dad

Did you ever wonder how Captain America’s shield ended up in Tony’s garage?

Stark Senior ladies and gentlemen. Not only a nice touch but also good casting too as this guy is oozing Robert Downey Junior’s bravado.

– The Lord Alps Those Who Alps Themselves

There are a couple of scenery moments, especially at the start of this trailer, that make this movie look a little bit like Sky Captain. And I’m not cool with that. However, there are other moments like this…

That look gosh darn pretty. On a side note, I absolutely adore how precisely they’ve gotten the look of Dum Dum Duggan. He can spot him merely by his silhouette.

– What is this, The Lord Of The Rings?

One thing that really bugged me about this trailer was the almost fit-enducing flashes to black. The scenes appeared and disappeared so fast that it started to freak out my eyes. I understand that Marvel will want to limit the amount of footage we see before the film releases but this…

…does not makes for good viewing. Either show me something or make the trailer shorter. Just a suggestion.


Will I see this opening day? Yes. Am I super excited? Yes. Will I buy all the merchandise to go along with the film? Probably.

So I’m maybe a little too biased to give you some clear thoughts about the quality of this trailer. However, let us know what you think in the comments box below!

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