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JOHNDOOMJohn Merker has been a graphic designer and S Club enthusiast for several years. You can buy his services for money at and for Jaffa Cakes at his house. He loves his cat and all things Star Trek related. His ambition is to one day create a Star Trek Cat sanctuary filled with uniformed felines and tribbles.

You’ll usually find him either taking a nice walk in the British countryside or crying alone in his bedroom. He’s also a big stupid head. He was foolish enough to let Aaron write this bio.

John’s Tumblr page is



AARONDOOMAaron Fever has been peddling his “comedy” wares on the Internet for ten years. The first time people started paying attention was the podcast Cabin Fever, then he expanded to terrorise both and with his mad ramblings.

He loves making music videos and killing John Merker’s free time. You’ll find him either in the local comic shop or on his laptop for 12 hours straight staring at his blog’s hit statistics. Available for weddings and funerals but not any sort of wedding/funeral hybrid. That’s just creepy. Along with JJ, he hosts The Drive-In of DOOM.

Aaron’s Twitter page:



k6mcrgRichard “Sharp-O” Sharpe is a Transformers guru, comics fan, and aficionado of all things Tokusatsu. He enjoys shaving his beard into funny shapes, fighting other-dimensional doppelgangers and pining for toys he will never own.

He cajoled John and Aaron into letting him write the DOOM column Mint in Box. The column contains no actual boxes of mints. He also speak with various PR companies to generate content and build relations for the website.

Richard’s Twitter page:


Writers and Reviewers



Michael Harris is an insomniac, comic book aficionado, college student, novice guitar player, novice song singer, blackberry owner, mini-fridge owner, sarcastic, partially insane and probably unstable, twenty-something, and all around good guy.

Along with other things, he writes the DOOM column A Week Late & A Few Dollars Short and hosts the podcast Riding In Cars With Boys.

Mike’s Twitter page:


COLIN_DOOMColin Hill is a cartoon enthusiast. He is also a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles freak, a 90’s nostalgia nut, and a militant  anti-Squirrelite.  He is considered armed and fabulous!

Colin writes Extreme Inbetweens, a commentary on animation past, present, and future. He also is a co-co-host of the Instant Leftovers Podcast on a different website.

Colin’s Twitter page:



Kobayashi is an enigma wrapped in a question wrapped in a blanket. Addicted to Re-Tweeting the things she likes, she has managed to make friends with pretty much everyone. Ever.

She has run for years and has agreed to inject this sausage fest with a little feminine quality by writing the column Leave Luck To Heaven.

Jasmine’s Twitter page:



CARDCOREDOOMColin Hall-Williams is a dapper victorian gentleman, cat-lover and Transformers fan. He was thrown forward in time thanks to a mystical board game. He’s reviewed toys and games for a number of years and also teamed up with our very own Sharp-O before joining the staff of DOOM.

He produces Cardcore Gamer for DOOM as well as reviews other toys on his Mattersmasher youtube channel.

Colin’s twitter page is


ALDOOMAlbert Wiltfong is a gentle soul, combining all the aspects of the Elements of Harmony into one swell guy. He’s a brony, a podcaster, movie-lover and inventor of the mini-hoagie. His primary form of attack is Party Cannon.

His primary contribution to the Website of DOOM is My Popcorn is Stale and his twitter page is



ISAACDOOMIsaac Hunt is a cartoonist, podcast-maniac, self-proclaimed butt-lover and part-time lab rat. He’s got the fury of a burning sun, the funk, and a funny name! Viva-la-Fatty!

He goes through the gauntlet of terrible japanimation in Reluctant Anime Reviews and draws the webcomic Bits, Bobs and Doodads. His twitter page is




JOSHDOOMJoshua Mosteit is a raging comic nut, more-so than most other reviewers on the site, producing reviews on comics like a pro! He writes the Jack of all Trades column.

His twitter page is




BLAKEDOOMBlake Northern is… Well, Blake Northern. He’s a good old boy, never meaning no harm. Some call him a space cowboy, others call him the gangster of love. He’s just a down to Earth guitarist looking to make a home for his vlog; the always entertaining My Old Balls.

Northern’s twitter page is




JKDOOMJK Hulon has held down jobs in damn near every field you can think of but his true love is writing. He used to write and draw the webcomic Sam Legion but now focuses on his hit novel series Jackson Redhorne, now available on Amazon in paperback and kindle formats.

JK’s twitter page is






JJDOOMJJ Hawkins has a goatee. It’s not his defining characteristic but it is damn sexy. He also has the laugh of a Norse god of thunder. One day I’ll find a viking hat for him and the picture of my dreams will be taken.

JJ writes the Mars Needs Culture column and hosts the Mars Needs Podcasts podcast. Expect upcoming projects Mars Needs Musicals and Mars Needs An Oil Refinery Company. Along with Aaron, he hosts The Drive-In of DOOM.

JJ’s Twitter page:


JASONDOOMJason Wood is a podcaster, waffle-eater and writer for DOOM. Along with his regular appearances alongside his good friend JJ Hawkins on Mars Needs Podcasts, he also writes The Dunce Corner.

Jason’s twitter page is




JONDOOMJon Kelly is an 8-bit musician, podcaster and lover of all things retro gaming. He created the Mars Needs Podcasts theme song with his brother Dan, and together they host the Zer0Cast podcast on DOOM.

Jon’s twitter page is




DRD_DOOMRyan Wilde adopted the name Dr. Disaster when he created the podcast Villainy INC. Then it flopped terribly so he used his remaining money to build giant robots. He also likes making short films no-one watches, inhaling comics, and playing vid-ja games. He is joined on the S.T.R.A.T.U.S podcast by Roman dinosaur-rider Sir Michael.



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