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Published on March 12th, 2011 | by Aaron


Tease Me, Baby! – Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

I have never read an issue of Dylan Dog. Not because it’s bad, I’ve just never heard of it. Or to be more precise, no-one has ever recommended it to me. I have a good comic book store I frequent in Dublin and they have a great selection but these damn books are expessive so unless I recognise something about it or was given a thumbs up by a friend, it doesn’t even register on my radar.

Tiziano Sclavi’s comic may not be on my list but I have a soft spot for Brandon Routh and that means I’m suddenly interested in this film. The former Clark Kent plays the title character, a human detective who is the number 1 choice for un-dead problems. That’s right folks it’s Vampires, Zombies and Werewolves, oh my!

Helming this film is… Kevin Munroe? Nope, I haven’t heard of him either. According to his IMDB page the only other previous film he directed was TMNT. If our resident Turtoligist, Colin Hill, could leave a comment at the bottom of the page as to his skills it would be greatly appreciated.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, apart from Routh, I have no idea what we’re getting ourselves in for. So lets take a look at the trailer.

Are you ready? Lets do this!

– Party Posse

I have been to many clubs in my life. In different countries. But never, not once, have I been to one that looks like the clubs we see in movies. Every movie club ever either looks like a strip club or an empty warehouse. And they never look fun either!

I would not be caught dead (or un-dead for that matter) in a dump like this. Look at it. You’d be more likely to catch rabies than get laid. You might even get rabies from getting laid.

It’s a pet peeve. The club thing, not the rabies.

– Dumb And Dumber

I’ve spoken before how sometimes the comedy side-kick in a film can get really annoying if it’s mugged to death. Hamming up every line and being overly goofy are trademarks of this profession. Sam Huntington looks like he could end up down the same road judging by this trailer but he’s not half as bad as these two.

I don’t know who they are. They’re probably only in the film about 5 minutes in total but the flashes of them I see here make me want to gouge out their eyes and then my own.

I understand this film isn’t taking it self too seriously (or at all) but these sort of doofuses, doofi if you will, can really kill scenes. Besides, dead or not, they’re medical professionals! Stop giggling like teenagers!

– Colour/Color

I have no problem with this scene really, it’s a joke about zombie arms and it’s OK.

Two weird issues though.
1) Is it me or does Routh’s voice seem really badly dubbed through this whole trailer?
2) What is up with the colour pallette they’re using here?

Blech. It’s a nightmare colour spectrum.

– Check Out The Guns On That Guy

Gun owners, is this normal?

Big Brandon gurning as he muscles the gun open. Is it normally that tough to do?

Either way, Routh having some throw downs with a bunch of monsters is something I’m looking forward to seeing.

– For The Ladies

As if the Thor and Captain America trailers weren’t enough.

Gratuitous man nipples.


Overall… this looks a mess. I have a sneaky feeling the Dylan Dog franchise would have done a whole lot better if it was made into a TV series instead. As it is? I doubt this will get good reviews. It might end up a fun watch, there is enough ridiculousness going on here to give a giggle I’m sure. It’s just a shame that this trailer inspires nothing in me. With the volume of heavy hitters out this summer, this Dog will most likely be left out in the yard.

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