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Published on February 18th, 2011 | by Aaron


Tease Me, Baby! – Thor

Thor. This is the Marvel film that had the biggest question mark hanging over it. As the news came out we’d be getting all these super-hero films that would tie into one big Avenger film you can imagine the geek boner that was collectively shared world-wide. However, there was a general consesus that out of all the prospective films, Thor would be the hardest sell with the general public.

It’s not that he’s a bad character, or that the comic itself isn’t movie worthy material. It’s because in the world that Marvel have presented with Iron-Man and the Hulk, mythical gods seem slightly out of place.

In a sense, this is something I’ve always been bothered by with the comics too. Thor was already a famous character before Marvel adapted him to their books. So when you take that knowledge of the myth and mix it with the faux-Shakesperean dialogue it all starts being a little bit silly when placed on earth.

I mean… he comes to earth on a rainbow bridge, you guys.

Totally not gay. Seriously. Its a manly rainbow.

But then news came out that Kenneth Branagh was directing, also we hear that Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman had signed on. This was starting to look impressive. If all these respected people thought this movie could work, maybe it can.

After the first trailer came out and I stopped masturbating to it my nerves were put to rest. But has this new trailer put a spanner in the works? The more footage we see the more we can disect and will cracks start to show?

Watch the new second trailer below from and we’ll get into my reactions.

Ok, are you ready? Lets do this.

– Really?

As I said before, some of the Thor-eth dialogue-eth is corny and a bit embarrassing. There are a couple of moments at the start of this trailer that make me cringe. It’s all just a bit ridiculous and I’m not sure how the general public will react to it. I won’t care all that much because I read the comics so I’m used to it but I’m thinking of my non-comic book reading girlfriend sitting beside me in the cinema looking at me with a raised eyebrow when he starts forsoothing.

None of that, mind you, is as embarrassing as Kat Dennings here. “I’m going to facebook this”. LOOK OUT! This kid is cool and trendy. She uses the internet kids, she’s cool like you. And she ogles men! Laugh riot.

Sorry but I’m not really looking for comedy-relief like this. She’s a fine actress and I have no problems with her personally but this sort of thing needs to stop.

– “Draw me like one of your French girls, Thor”

The little scene of Thor trying to explain the world he comes from has been shown in both trailers now and thats because it’s a damn important one.

As we said before, trying to sell Asgard to the public is something that Marvel will have to get right if they want to mix Thor in with the more earthly Iron Man. I may be going out on a limb here so early, but judging from this they know exactly how to do it. In one sentence they’ve summed it up quite beautifully.

“Your ancestors call it magic, you call it science. I come from a place where they’re one in the same”.


– The Warriors Three.

I love them. Expecially Volstagg. Very little has been shown of them so far (understandably, the movie is called Thor after all) but it’s great to see that they’re around for some throw downs.

– Something big to hit.

One of the problems often mentioned about Superman films is that he doesn’t have a big physical threat to punch. It may sound like a silly thing to complain about when there can be so many other forms of drama just as satisfying to watch but it’s actually a big deal.

In any adventure film, peril is a vital part. If you have a powerful protagonist you need an equally or more powerful threat of danger in order to create any sort of tension.

In Thor, it looks like we will have a plethora of pinatas bad guys. All bigger than Thor and all pretty bad-ass looking. From the Frost Giants to this bad boy below, The Destroyer.

His name is the fricken Destroyer for crying out loud! Look at him! That’s a foe worthy of a fight, right there.

– Hammer Time.

The darkness of these scenes are bugging me a bit, I’m sure it will be fine in the theatre but here it’s a little muddy and tough to make out.

However, a hammer to the face is a hammer to the face. Can’t argue with the facts.


I have to say, I don’t like this trailer as much as the first. Probably because of the lame “comedy” scenes present here that were missing before. Overall though I’m still excited about this film. If you take the two tailers together you have 5 minutes of footage and over that time there is very little I can complain about in comparion to what is making me geek-out.

Roll on May 6th. I may buy myself a big foam hammer in anticipation.

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