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Published on October 11th, 2011 | by Aaron


Tease Me, Baby! – The Avengers

Considering the coverage this site has given in the past to the Marvel films of Thor, Captain America etc. it’s probably not very surprising that we here at DOOM Towers are quite excited at the prospect of seeing The Avengers. In fact, three of our staff have the same Thor action figure. So now that the first real trailer has been released we’re… well, lets say “giddy”.

I personally felt that the teaser trailer we got after the credits of Captain America was pretty weak. We got flashes of nothing in a pretty large sense and apart from one shot of the gang standing in the same room, I saw very little to get excited about. I also saw very little.

We have a year to go before this film is going to be released, so whatever we see now will be the easiest stuff to shoot and finish (so lots of talking and intense staring). But lets hope it manages to stir the same feeling in my loins as the last few trailers for the solo films.

Lets have a closer look, shall we?

– What Are You Looking At?

You may have noticed that there are a couple shots of people aiming guns at the sky. Lots of people, lots of sky, and they’re ALL looking up. So what has them scared?

I can’t believe that it’s just Loki. Is the Skrulls rumour true? Are they looking at an alien invasion?

– Hit Him!

Could we be looking at the first meeting of Cap and Thor?

It certainly has all the hallmarks of a comic-book meeting by two heroes. Read any comic about Spidey meeting Daredevil for the first time or Hulk and Wolverine… they’re all misconstrued fights that turn to a friendship. I look forward to seeing this playing out on the big screen.

– Blink And You’ll Miss It

So there is a half second shot of Loki choking Tony Stark and throwing him out a window. It’s so quick, any snapshot I tried to get of it ended up blurred like this.

But, with thanks to the internet (and specifically Tumblr) I found this nifty little gif of it.

Cool, right?

– Green Giant

They have shown very little of Hulk in the build up to this. It’s understandable why, though. His film was the least popular. The momentum is with the other characters who we’ve all seen more recently. And yet, THIS is the thing that got me excited.

I seriously can’t wait to see Hulk interact with the rest of the team and, well, I just can’t wait to see him smash stuff guilt free.


Was I thrilled with the trailer? Not really. Am I happy with it? Sure. I wasn’t expecting much more than what we got at this early stage and there is nothing I’ve seen that would dissapoint me or bug me going into the film.

Although that “we’ll avenge it” line was laughably bad. Guys, you don’t have to give us a reason to call the team The Avengers. Just leave it be.

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