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Published on June 2nd, 2011 | by Aaron


Poole’s Polls: June 2011

Waterloo, I was defeated you won the war. Waterloo, promise to love me forever more. Or something like that. ABBA’s English wasn’t great. They were Swedish, what do you expect? What has this got to do with DOOM’s monthly poll? Nothing. The song was stuck in my head and I felt like sharing. What are you, the song police?

Anyway, this is the monthly poll in which I, on behalf of the other DOOMsters, ask a question of utmost importance. I do this not to create needless banter, oh no. I do it in order to bring us all together in the finely honed art of being judgemental on the internet. It lets us feel good and someone else somewhere will cry as they find out they’re not popular and therefore insignificant and a waste of life. Beautiful.

Now, lets get physical. Physical. I wanna get physical. Let me hear your body talk. Body talk… Damn these songs!


Congratulations go to last month’s winner… Iron Man! Or should I say, Robert Downey Jr. I have a feeling it was his sex appeal that won that poll more than the super suit.

Yeah, his hot, hot sex appeal.

He is now officially DOOM’s favourite Avenger. Something for him to lord over the rest of the team the next time they’re hanging out at Avengers Mansion.


This month I have been inspired by our resident Doctor Who expert, Shane. His column reviewing the new episodes have been such a hit that I’m going to use his success to inspire a geek fight of my very own.

What can I say? I thrive on conflict.

The list is halfed this week because I want to know something very simple. Since Doctor Who returned to our screens after a 16 year absence we have seen three men take on the role. All three have given very different performances. All three have their fans. So which side do you fall on?


The first to take the role back on our screens, Christopher gave us a rugged, action-Doctor. Tall and masculine, he wore a leather jacket and was so damn manly Wikipedia describes him as “a brooding and melancholic war survivor after a Time War in which he wiped out both his race and the enemy Daleks”. Ooooo.


Cheeky chappy David was a little bit more exciteable than his previous counterpart. He had considerably more assistants too and seemed to create a comedy double act with Catherine Tate on the show. He had three full seasons in the roll (along with a bunch of specials) so his longevity may sway some votes.


He loves bow-ties and hats. He loves his TARDIS, and even gets a kiss from it! Matt Smith is the youngest actor to ever play the role and has created a swashbuckling nerdy sort of character. He’s joined by the hottest-ginger-of-all-time (sorry Shane, you missed out) and is dead. Kind of. Time is complicated. He’s fine though. Kind of.


The time is now! Tell us your favourite (then argue about it in the comments)

Who Is Your Doctor Who?

  • Matt Smith (43%, 13 Votes)
  • David Tennant (40%, 12 Votes)
  • Christopher Eccleston (17%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 30

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