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S.H.I.E.L.D. Exposed – “What They Become”

Well, this is certainly going to SHAKE things up!   

The mid-season finale is upon us, SHIELD fans, and while I wondered if this would live up to the prospective hype of The Bridge last season and it knocks it out of the park!

tumblr_ngcxtpIew91s01gf9o1_500 tumblr_ngcxtpIew91s01gf9o2_500Mack’s missing, Skye’s been kidnapped, Hydra is digging into the city and shit’s generally fucked. In the midst of all this tension, we get some nice bits of humour and levity, particularly from Hunter.

tumblr_ngdezdTfPm1qf4elio1_500 tumblr_ngdezdTfPm1qf4elio2_500Kyle MacLachlan is on fine form, whether acting like the nervous father meeting his daughter for the first time, the grieving widow or the vengeful monster. It’s a testament to his acting chops that he goes through all these stages in 20mins and it feels organic for the character. We finally get his name, which is Cal, and I can stop calling him The Doctor. He loses control after Coulson kills Whitehall, robbing him of his revenge and proceeds to beat Coulson like an egg until Skye threatens to kill him/calls him dad. He reluctantly leaves but not before revealing her name; Daisy.

tumblr_ngcydfM0nq1qc8sqro1_500 tumblr_ngcydfM0nq1qc8sqro2_500Ward continues to play the nutty sociopath we all love to hate. His actions are more on the side of heroic this episode but Raina is quick to call out his reasons and Whitehall takes advantage of that. Not only that, the audience gets some delicious catharsis when Skye is set free and proceeds to empty a clip into Ward’s ass. He survives, thanks to some padding and Agent 33’s assistance, and he lives to hopefully return as a smug cock one day.

Meat and potatoes of the episode is clearly the revelation of… stuff. But first, a moment of silence for Trip. Exposed to an alien mist, Triplett slowly carbonised like many other victims of the diviner and crumbled to dust in front of Skye. Yes, it’s a shame a character played by a black actor died but, really, Trip wasn’t getting anymore character development or screen time than Koenig and was way less interesting so why not bump him off? On the plus side, it appears Mack regained control of himself after the whole incident.

tumblr_ngczzxsjdN1sh2wp0o3_r1_500And finally, the main course. The Inhuman Awakening. Once inside the underground city, Skye and Raina (along with Trip) get trapped in a stone chamber, which opens to reveal a Terrigen crystal and the two women proceed to be enveloped by cocoons after being exposed to the Terrigen mists. Trip dies and the two emerge, Raina transformed into something all the more beastial while Skye appears unchanged, until the sight of her friend reduced to ashes causes her to tense and the room and surface above tremble violently.

tumblr_ngcuwahxzV1sh40dyo1_500 tumblr_ngcuwahxzV1sh40dyo3_500Daisy Johnson stands revealed as the Inhuman Agent of SHIELD; Quake. It’s fantastic to see our first super-powered female human in the MCU is a character we’ve seen develop over the course of two seasons and I’m all in favour of the Inhuman storyline developing through TV in the lead up to the movie. Post credits scene reveals yet another Inhuman, a seemingly blind man, with another diviner. YOOOOOOO!

As expected, the Inhuman plotline advances and so much more can be made of the actions and events of this episode! A flawless episode of SHIELD and I can only hope those repercussions are felt when we return in Spring! See you then!

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