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Published on April 21st, 2011 | by Aaron


Superman Toys: Photography at play

As I’ve stated before, Flickr can be a fantastic place to waste some time. I often go searching for weird and wonderful images there to be both entertained and inspired for my own photography ideas.

Today I decided to try and find some Superman imagery and stumbled across a group called Superman Toys. I thought it… unusual to see a group dedicated to taking pictures of one superhero’s toys so I had a look around, although as the group admin was keen to point out “not just Superman, we want your Lex Luthors, Doomsdays and Lois Lanes too!”.

People, there be gold in them there hills. I thought I should share some of these fun finds with you, our dear DOOM readers, so please enjoy the following selection of nuggets.

Superman by ecpica

DC Universe Classics Superman by Clarkent78

superman vs Dr Manhattan by newjonny

I’m not sure if they’re fighting and Dr. Manhattan has Supes in a headlock or if they’re just having some quality bro-hug time. Either way, I love it.

by kingkong21

I’m a big Iron Fist fan but even I think he’s out of his depth here.

by Marked_man

I don’t know what strange form the above picture is but I believe it speaks for itself. I’m just not sure what it’s saying.

by David Barker Photographic

… and finally, my favourite of the bunch.

Et tu, Bruce? by jed_fish

So go head over to that Flickr group to find more of this madness!

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