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Published on September 16th, 2010 | by Katie


Hench 4 Life: A Venture Podcast – Episode One

Just what the world needed: Another Venture Podcast!

Brought to you lovingly by Katie (soulbots) and Steffanie (puremassacre). Made for the intentions of discussing our beloved show The Venture Bros.

This podcast contains spoilers, some hardcore discussions/theory talk, general messing around, and some off-topic whatevers.

And so it began! The first episode of our derpy podcast. Topics include:

• Our awkward introductions
• D*Con tidbits
• Tales of Doc’s dancing skills
• An almost half-assed episode breakdown of “The Diving Bell vs The Butter Glider”
• Talk of the new episode “Pomp and Circuitry”
• More talk of the brand new trailer
• Shooting theories
• And a whole lot of whoring out at the end. We just don’t know when to say goodbye!

Click here to download! 35 minutes of sweet bliss. View the RSS feed! website down Arabic to Kurdish

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