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Published on July 28th, 2011 | by Katie


Hench 4 Life: A Venture Podcast – Episode Twelve

A most triumphant and depressing return of Steffanie and Katie. The poor souls who did not even attend SDCC, but are here to tell you about it anyways.

• SDCC talk and lament.
• Kim is gone, can we make that clear? No? Okay.
• Much talk of toys and action figures.
• Big thanks to evilsuperpowers for providing us with panel footage. Also, super big thanks to chris-graves for letting us use his most delightful image of the boys for our banner.
• Katie wants to invite you into her creepy dream room.
• Links we mention in this podcast include: ASiteCalledFred.com and spookychan.com
• We creepily love you.

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