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Published on December 13th, 2012 | by JJ


The Advent Calender Of DOOM 2012! Day 12

Another confession here, I misunderstood the true meaning of this song for many a year. I always took the refrain of this song at face value, and then one day as an adult, I realized…Wait, he isn’t really going to make it home, this is a sad song. Man, was the egg on my face. However, it is still a beautiful song…

(The “Mickey Bubble” part is a thank you to Aaron for helping me out on this calender. Thanks, buddy)

And while we are feeling a bit mellow, let’s get to another song that just hits all the right notes when feeling a bit alone. A hit for Roy Orbison, but this always hits a bit closer to home for me…

We can’t be all sad around these parts, so here is a picture of a cat dressed as Santa, because we all know the internet is built on a strong foundation of cat photos, right?

see you tomorrow….

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