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Published on August 7th, 2013 | by Aaron


Tease Me, Baby! – Thor: The Dark World

The second trailer for Thor 2: Asgardian Boogaloo was released today. The movie comes out on October 30th this year and will be the second post-Avengers film.

There has been a change of director since the first Thor. Kenneth Branagh has been replaced by Alan Taylor, a director who has worked primarily on television. He’s worked on Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Sopranos, and tons more shows but he has only made 3 movies previously and none with the kind of budget that this film has so it will be considered a step up for him.

All the principal cast return, along with a few additions, and with a late release date like it has there shouldn’t be much competition in the box office. Can’t fail, right?


– Take Me Down To The Paradise City

The colour and style of the last film was a little on the cartoon side. Things tended to look a little clunky. Similar to toys. This film however looks a little bit more sophisticated. Even Asgard looks more detailed.


– Cancel The Ragnorak

Idris Elba plays Heimdall, who in the comics almost never takes off his helmet. It’s not a destruction of his character to have him here with the helmet off or anything like that but it took me by surprise nonetheless. And I’m sure the ladies aren’t complaining.

sexy elba

– Smile Like You Mean It

Tom Hiddleston returns once again as Loki. If ever there was a man just having the time of his life in a role, it’s him. I really get the impression that he’d play this character as long as they ask him to. I hope they keep asking him. And I’m sure the ladies aren’t complaining.

god of stealing scenes

– Swedish Murder Machine

Chris Hemsworth is turning into a man before our very eyes, folks. If the first movie was Thor learning to grow up, then this movie will show that effect. More-so Hemsworth is starting to look like an older man too. More commanding. And I’m sure the ladies aren’t complaining.

manly god


Overall: in the end, Thor 1 did better in the box office than some of his Avenger counterparts, so hopefully this sequel can continue that success. It certainly looks a better film, hopefully it will back that claim up come release time. Bring a female friend.

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