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Published on January 23rd, 2012 | by Aaron


Tease Me, Baby! – Snow White And The Huntsman

We’re being treated to two Snow White movies this year. Both are trying different takes to the Walt Disney style story made oh so famous. I think both are fully sans-dwarves as well. Size-ist Hollywood strikes again.

This seems to have a great cast; Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth, that chick from Twilight that nobody likes, all good box-office fodder right there. And the story could be fun, ramping up the fairy-tale for a slightly older audience. Everything you need for a hit, right?

Well, we’ve seen this sort of thing fail on it’s ass in the past. The Brothers Grimm, anyone? And I know I keep harping on about this but with such a big budget movie line-up this year it’s going to be difficult to get bums on seats unless you get some good reviews from the critics.

Now I’m obviously not one of those influencial critics. I’m more one of those “haha, he said number 2″ sort of online writers. So lets just take a look at the trailer and see what we think.

– Fight! Fight! Fight!

Already, glass-exploding-faceless bad guys are cooler than a dwarf named Sleepy.

Right out of the box, this trailer wants us to know that this will be an action movie. Disney be damned!

– Her Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard

Damn right, it’s better than yours.

She could teach you, but she’d have to eat your soul.

– Mirror, Mirror…

…standing there, what creepy news do you have to share?

I’m not saying that this isn’t cool, I’m just saying it would be useless to shave in front of. Can’t see a thing!

– It’s Nice To See Chris Stretch Himself As An Actor

Successfully leaving those Thor days behind him.



I’d be telling you a lie if I said the trailer didn’t look pretty. The director definitely has a cool sense of style. However, plot wise, it’s a whole dose of “meh” so far. But Stardust was a highly enjoyable jaunt and not a million miles off in essence. This will be down to execution. Hopefully, when it’s released, the movie doesn’t shatter like our bad-guys above.

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