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Published on October 21st, 2016 | by Aaron


Tease Me, Baby! – Logan

This is it. The movie Logan will officially be the last time we’ll see Hugh Jackman play Wolverine. Tip out your beers into the street. Pop your claws to the sky. It’s the end of an era.

Logan is being directed by James Mangold, the man who did the previous excursion The Wolverine (also Walk The Line, which is funny considering the trailer’s choice of music). The list of writers is a little interesting. David James Kelly is making his big screen debut with this script and Michael Green previously wrote the Green Lantern movie. That’s… concerning.

It’s been 24 hours now since the trailer debuted so lets take a considered look at it.

– Interesting Factors

I like that the movie took the choice to move the story on to a future date. It really gives it a chance to do something different. For example, it seems pretty clear that Wolverine’s healing factor is no longer working.


– Chuck But No Chuckles

Listen, when they show you everyone’s surrogate grandfather in this sort of condition you can guarantee this isn’t going to have the kind of quips and light-hearted beats of previous X-Men films. Prepare to feel some feelings.


– She’s Like You

“Very much like you”. Yeah, I’m pretty sure we can rest easy knowing that little Laura here is the clone of Wolverine from the comics, X-23. Will she be a loyal adaptation though? Will she have the claws? We may have gotten a sneak peek at that later in the trailer (it’s unclear) but keep in mind what Fox did with the Deadpool character in the first Wolverine movie. She may be in this but she may not be the same…


– The End

The ending to this trailer looks and feels like it could be the last shot of the movie too but I don’t think we’re getting out of this that easily. If Wolverine doesn’t die in Logan I’ll eat all the hats in a hat factory.



Overall: It looks a lot like the Old Man Logan comic that Marvel did a couple years ago, although a whittled down version of it which is a good thing. I can never be fully confident in a Fox superhero film living up to it’s trailer. Right now though, I’m interested, which I haven’t been for any Wolverine movie previously.

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