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Published on October 23rd, 2012 | by Sharp-O


Tease Me, Baby! – Iron Man 3

We’re finally getting our first look at the post-Avengers movies and first up is Iron Man 3! It’s an action-packed roller coaster of a trailer. It seems to be a severe departure to the previous movies, with a darker tone, heavier plot and more bang for your buck! Granted, this is only a teaser but it’s unrelenting in it’s drama and surprise. Let’s take a look!

Oh god. It was worth the wait!

He’s no snow angel.
The trailer hits the ground, literally, with a thump as Tony lands in the snow with his ass freshly beaten. Proclaiming he has a lot of apologies to make, it seems that despite being on a high at the end of Avengers, we may see Tony hit his lowest point. Perhaps this has to do with his brush with death? And I bet Cap’s words are ringing in his head right now. “Big man in a suit of armour. Take that away and what are you?” I’m sure we’ll find out, in more ways than one.

Real American Hero
Don Cheadle is back playing Colonel James Rhodes and the War Machine armour seems to have had some spit and polish added to it. Makes sense, I mean, you can’t have your own armoured avenger with a name like “War Machine” so he appears to be adopting the “Iron Patriot” moniker. Whether this is voluntary or a begrudging order, only time will tell.

Lesson One
The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) is gunning for Tony in a big bad way, ordering a bunch of tooled-up news helicopters to destroy Tony’s house! Kingsley is a little too Bane in this trailer but hopefully that’s just a coincidence. The internet is abuzz with that stuffed bunny in the living room though. I don’t know why it’s there either.

The Suit and I are One

That line is really going to come and bite him in the ass, much like the “Big man in a suit of armour” line. This is the highlight of the trailer for me. I love these shots because they remind me so much of the storyline in which Tony’s armour becomes sentient and then possessive of him, which is the vibe I’m getting here. Mask in The Iron Man was the first trade paperback I ever picked up and will always hold a special place with me.

The internet collectively creamed it’s pants when this trailer hit and I truly hope this movie lives up to the hype. There’s so many elements and nods to storylines in this movie that I hope the web of awesome doesn’t unravel. Iron Man 3 will be hitting the big screen April 2013.

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