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Published on November 28th, 2011 | by Aaron


Audiophilia: November 2011

This month myself and JJ Hawkins attempt to shine a little musical light in every corner of your heart. That’s right, we’re not above quoting Katrina & The Waves here on DOOM. So check out some of our music recommendations below.


This month I thought I’d try out some of the Christmas albums that became available to get you into the festive feeling. Yes I know it’s very early but I’m a big kid at heart. While there are quite a few released, and more than one I enjoyed, I think I’ll recommend She & Him‘s “A Very She & Him Christmas“.

It’s no secret that Zooey Deschanel inspires that sad kind of crush that I experienced during my many oh so lonely teenaged years but that’s not my only reason for giving this album the nod. In fact, such love of the woman is cancelled out by my dislike of the rather pretentious M Ward.

Maybe it’s the sun glasses, maybe it’s the face he’s making. Whatever it is I want to slap him right in his face WITH his own face. I don’t know how I’m going to make that work but I’ve got some blueprints.

This is a very stripped down record in comparison to all the other Christmas ones you’ll hear this year. It almost sounds like it was recorded live in an empty bar. It makes the normally jovial songs quite melancholy in parts and I think that’s a welcome break from the sickly sweet mall-music you’ll hear over the next month.

Give it a try. It’s a nice alternative.


Sadly, I must admit I haven’t had the time this month to seek out new music. There are things that have intrigued me, but alas, time has kept me away from them. On the bright side, it has made me look to my music library and I have replayed some past favorites and I would like to share them with you today.

First, we have Herman’s HermitsTheir Greatest Hits. I have never hidden my unabashed love of 60’s music. While the Beatles are, of course, the shiniest band of the era, I believe that many of the pop bands of the day get forgotten in their shadow. Peter Noone and company deliver bubble gum pop, but who doesn’t like bubble gum?

As with many bands that may have had one hit that permeated the culture more than others, I would suggest that you forget Herman’s Hermits biggest hit “I’m Henry the Eighth, I Am” in favor of tastier cuts such as “A Must To Avoid”.

Second, a favorite of the last two years or so, Codeine Velvet Club’s self titled album. Again, readers of DOOM! know I have a real weakness for The Fratellis and this is the project that Jon Fratelli had with a cabaret singer by the name of Lou Hickey. The pairing is quite unique and magic. It makes a wonderful mixture of swing and rock. If your foot don’t tap during tracks like “Little Sister” you might want to check your pulse.

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