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Published on April 30th, 2012 | by Aaron


Audiophilia: April 2012

This month’s Audiophilia recommendations are brought to you by Hench 4 Life’s Katie Delz and odd jobber Aaron Poole.


April has been quite the month for my recommendation. Pulp dazzled the crowd at Coachella, and Venture fans were happy to know that their beloved show and creators got a hefty shout-out at both of the band’s shows at Radio City Music Hall.

With all this love whirling around, I’m eager to shed some light on one of my favorite albums by them, ‘Separations‘.
Look, I don’t want to be that person to go “Ughh, it’s so drastically underrated!”, but on the other hand I have no fear of being that person when truer words were never spoken in regards to this album.

Pulp is known for crafting songs that are poppy and relate to the most universal feelings of heartache, desire and ‘a feeling called love’. But, something about ‘Separations‘ just hits a little closer to the core.

This album houses a handful of gems, but the real stand-out track is ‘My Legendary Girlfriend‘. A song that is initially made of Jarvis lathering up with his trademark “steamy sexy”, it’s chorus holds a catchy beat. The finished product is a darker shade of Britpop, yet it works beautifully.


I’m a preducided guy at th ebest of times. I really avoid a lot of music based purely on my thoughts of the fans associated or sometimes just on the fact that I don’t like someone’s face. I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just saying it happens.

As a result of my inner grumpy old man, I’ve arrived late to a lot of music. Interpol, Vampire Weekend, and more. One band that I finally took the dive with this month was Florence + The Machine. What took me so long, I hear you cry. The art school crowd. Far too many people who wear scarfs indoors love Florence + The Machine. Silly? Of course but it’s true.

I’m glad I got over myself though. It’s really great music and I’ve played the first album Lungs more than any other album this month. The song I’ll include here is the first track from that album. What a way to introduce yourself. I implore you to learn from my mistakes.

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