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Published on April 6th, 2016 | by Sharp-O


S.H.I.E.L.D. Exposed: “Spacetime”


Spacetime, rather disappointingly, does not really having anything to do with my favourite Rider’s call out but instead focuses on the notion of precognition. An Inhuman is discovered who can share premonitions of future events. Naturally, the episode revolves around the team trying to thwart the events only for them to inadvertently cause them or to be out of context to the actual situation. So how does the episode turn out?

tumblr_o57m3z4LqX1tt219wo3_500It’s definitely a damn good episode. For it’s character development, fight choreography and handling of a subject that others have done before; Spacetime comes off as the sci-fi spy craft show it was meant to be.

tumblr_o5728hfHZm1qi1yb8o3_540 tumblr_o5728hfHZm1qi1yb8o2_540I love the little bit of bonding that they’re doing with Coulson and Lincoln. Mostly because it’s clear that Lincoln, as a character, has no chemistry with May so switching his SO to Coulson is a great move.

tumblr_o5748cPK731so8xfgo1_500Speaking of May, Ming-Na Wen is on top form, not only providing some fantastic fake fight work during a training sequence but also a fantastic scene with Andrew, whom turned himself before he transforms into Lash for what he believes is the final time. It kind of lacked emotional impact for me but I can tell both actors put their all into it.

tumblr_o57i1vIvap1rl53x2o1_500Fitzsimmons sails on with this adorable little sequence while Daisy is getting her face caved in by Robo-Malick.

tumblr_o57us55DLw1v07a2to4_r1_500 tumblr_o57us55DLw1v07a2to1_500Also, shout-out to the most comedic reaction to the reveal of your nemesis still being alive goes to Coulson. Or maybe he’s just impressed with HiveWard’s fancy new Matrix coat?

Overall, Spacetime is a great episode for a whole bunch of reasons and is a contender for my favourite episode of the season, even without any major reveals or events. Just a really solid episode.

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