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Published on October 21st, 2015 | by Sharp-O


S.H.I.E.L.D. Exposed: “Devils You Know”

Damn good episode, shame I’ve now got that Steps song in my head…  

Devils You Know is a damn solid episode, with action, intrigue and the promises of more to come but what makes this episode so damn good?

tumblr_inline_nwkita3olk1stk5jd_500The secret of Lash is a major point for me. Having no knowledge of the character, I’m very interested to see where this character goes. He’s actually an Inhuman as it turns out, delivering a service in his own mind but why is he hunting his own kind? A question for another perhaps because finding out that he can transform into a more human disguise is the more interesting wrinkle. Is he someone we know? A member of the ATCU, perhaps? Banks, who disappeared right before the attack? Definitely a possibility.

tumblr_nwk80gFfZo1tcn2c6o3_400Coulson might be shopping around for a new work-wife in Rosalind but May’s return to base is just as great as I imagined, fraught with sub-text and longing looks. I hate to admit it but the Philinda shippers might be onto something. May shows up to get some backup for Hunter, who’s gone both totes gung-ho and full retard while dressed like a chav. Coulson’s a little late to the game but luckily, Hunter’s got…

tumblr_nwk3cxL3lA1uwk5zpo4_400 tumblr_nwk3cxL3lA1uwk5zpo1_400The god damned Cavalry!  Cue Ward shitting himself. Talking all that good shit a second ago but the tiny asian lady is here to kick your ass, boy! No wonder Ward pulls the classic bad-guy move of threatening May’s ex, Andrew. I liked Andrew, I really did but I’m with Hunter on this, Ward must die. Sorry Andrew.

tumblr_nwkkudW4au1rl53x2o1_500Fitzsimmons hits a rocky patch as Simmons hides her research into the portal. In her conversation with Andrew, Simmons really is suffering with PTSD, despite her protestations. Fitz discovers her notes and confronts her, which is the final scene cliffhanger.

A damn good episode, keeping all the plot lines chugging along quite nicely. Who is Lash? How hard is May go to beat Hunter’s ass? Will Rosalind and Coulson ever have that steamy hate-sex they clearly want and what really happened to Simmons? I guess we’ll find out the answers to some of those next week with 4,722 Hours.

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