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Published on July 9th, 2014 | by John


DOOM! celebrates Derby’s Great Board Game Bash event

At DOOM! we like playing games.

There’s our monthly get-together to re-enact the Hunger Games (bandages required for that one, no aiming below the waist). Then our bi-yearly stage production of the Ben Affleck classic, Reindeer Games. This is followed annually by our behind-closed-doors take on The Crying Game twist which, Richard says, I’M NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT.

These aside, we love playing board games. I personally love Risk, Monopoly, Scrabble and the Star Trek: The Next Generation interactive game where you had to play the VHS tape on which Gowron kept belittling you. Now Derby (a city in the East Midlands, for our continental readers!) is hosting their very first ‘Great Derby Board Game Bash‘ – an all day board game extravaganza!

Doom’s very own gaming encyclopaedia, Colin Hall-Williams, and his lovely wife, Sarah will be attending, and, for Doom’s first event of this kind, will be live tweeting throughout the evening to all you enthusiasts.

Want to play along? Keep tabs via Twitter by searching:


The Great Derby Board Game Bash at The Spot on Saturday, July 12. More details will be announced in due course!

Photograph supplied by The Derby Telegraph.


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