Normal Kombat Resident Evil 6

Published on January 6th, 2014 | by Michael Harris


Normal Kombat Episode 9: Resident Evil 6 – Part I

Resident Evil 6

DJ and Kasey play Resident Evil 6. They are just as bad as you’d imagine.

DJ as Leon

Kasey as Helena


Syllabification: (co·ag·u·late)
Pronunciation: /kōˈagyəˌlāt/

    [no object]
        (of a fluid, especially blood) change to a solid or semisolid state:
            blood had coagulated around the edges of the wound
    [with object]
        cause (a fluid) to change to a solid or semisolid state:
            epinephrine coagulates the blood


Also, Aurora

We still just dick around and aren’t actually reviewing the game. We’re professionals.


Resident Evil 6 Characters

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