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Published on October 25th, 2014 | by Jason


The Dunce Corner – Summertime Blues

–It may come as no surprise to some but Summer is not my favorite season.
And I can only speak for my particular region of the world but it feels like Summer has been dragging his ass when it comes to leaving (like a bad houseguest) despite the fact that the official first day of Autumn was over a month ago.
–Now I will concede to the fact that the occurrences of “ball-soup” and “bat-wings” have diminished, mostly (mostly) but not completely. And to be fair, the weather has been rather pleasant, for SPRING.
-Blues skies, green leaves, and temperatures still lingering around the mid 80’s are fine and all but HALLOWEEN is nigh!
I mean, I know it’s Halloween season. I see the scarecrows and the skeletons and the pumpkins but I’m not happy. It doesn’t feel like Fall, it doesn’t look like Fall, and doesn’t smell like Fall either.
Aaaand I’ll shut up now before my inner Charlie Brown completely takes over.
So I whipped this strip together, it’s a little more rustic in style than some of my others, to make me happy.

And who knows, maybe the weather will change just to spite me and make the point of this comic moot.
I’d be fine with that.
Look! A Thing, or some junk.

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