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Published on March 11th, 2015 | by Sharp-O


S.H.I.E.L.D. Exposed – “Who You Really Are”

True colours are revealed and a visit from both Asgard and Warehouse 13.  

Who You Really Are is essentially the second part of last week’s Aftershocks, as Skye’s secret is revealed to the team and the origin of the Inhumans is explained, all while Mack and Bobbi’s secret gets more mysterious.

tumblr_nl1tfwvgvL1sh40dyo1_500 tumblr_nl1tfwvgvL1sh40dyo2_500We open with Lady Sif, in human attire, emerging from the sea and looking for “Kava”. She wanders off after harassing some locals and we have the team getting on with their day-to-day until they’re notified of Sif’s arrival and go to meet her.

tumblr_nl14z8Gglr1qm6yoeo1_500 tumblr_nl14z8Gglr1qm6yoeo2_500Via some sleuthing, they discover that she came to Earth to hunt a Kree agent who is here to deal with the Inhuman menace and he, Vin-Tak, is responsible for her memory loss. It’s always a pleasure to see Jaimie Alexander in her role as Sif, she such a warm personality, despite often playing the stoic. Vin-Tak is played by Eddie McClintock and it’s always a delight to see Warehouse 13 alumni in similar works. While he’s not playing goofy, McClintock’s inherent schoolboy charm is present and we see little flashes of his goofy side in his performance.

tumblr_nl28323A251rt5ctno2_500 tumblr_nl28323A251rt5ctno1_500We get some outstanding performances from the main team too! Bobbi and Mack are still acting shady but are insistent that they’re NOT Hydra… Interesting… Skye performing a fine balance of terrified for her life and keeping her composure but ends up crumbling in front of Coulson, May, Sif and Vin-Tak. The concern from Coulson and May is just as parental as we’ve come to expect and while Sif is being somewhat considerate, Vin-Tak is a tad more aggressive, knocking a few folks around before Fitz reveals the “bambino”.

tumblr_nl1kliQCmb1rqp224o3_540YOOOOOO! Always happy to see the cannon and I love that Coulson gave it a nickname and that the kickback physically sends Fitz reeling!

Mack, Bobbi and Jemma all respond like assholes about Skye’s new powers with only Hunter and Fitz coming out of the argument looking like dickheads while Skye bunkers down in the Bus’s vibranium interrogation room. Pretty clever! May and Coulson also say their goodbyes to Sif and a mind-wiped Vin-Tak. I hope they both return, as Sif is a delight to have around and apart from being a little gung-ho, Vin-Tak was a cool enough guy (helps that his actor is just awesome!)

tumblr_nl16pgAmDp1qlv6abo3_500In the stinger, MACK PUTS HUNTER IN A FUCKING SLEEPER HOLD WHAT THE BALLS!?
Seriously though, what secret is so bad that he is willing to silence Hunter at the minimal utterance of their super-secret plan. I hope it’s good because nothing short of astounding then he’s for the shit list and I don’t want to put Fitz’s best buddy on my shit list with Ward… Where the fuck is Ward anyway?

tumblr_nl1d45Vfad1qkfdzuo1_500A fantastic followup to Aftershocks which keeps the ball rolling and the intensity rising but we may see that all bubble over next week as the team faces Skye’s father and a team of his own in One of Us.

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