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Published on March 30th, 2016 | by Sharp-O


S.H.I.E.L.D. Exposed: “Watchdogs”

Who watches the Watchdogs. Me. Because I have to, apparently. 

Not gonna lie, I found this episode to be pretty boring. Domestic terrorism and racism? Yaaaaawn. I get enough of that shit in reality, thanks. Still the episode wasn’t without it’s good points.

tumblr_o4u2huzfQF1ticd51o2_540 tumblr_o4u2huzfQF1ticd51o1_540 tumblr_o4u2huzfQF1ticd51o6_540It’s nice to see Mack and Fitz are still on the same wavelength, even if they don’t hang out as much as they explain to Daisy how a building can implode. Nice little nod to the first season of Agent Carter there and speaking of easter eggs; the news report Mack watches about the Watchdogs has a reference to the events in Daredevil season two in it’s ticker as the building implodes. I was under the impression that the Netflix shows weren’t concurrent with everything else (you know, because they don’t bother to mention any major MCU events apart from the Battle of New York) but I guess it is. Noted.

tumblr_o4twngkrwm1so8xfgo1_500Is it just me or is it weird that Daisy is getting more gung-ho? I mean, yes, she has every right to be pissed that her kind is being hunted and persecuted against but at the same time, she’s been an Inhuman for less than a year (it’s about that, right?) and her… zealousness is coming across a bit like her mother’s. It’s a little concerning and strikes me as the kind of hardcore attitude you see in people who become eco-warriors in college.

tumblr_o4u520XUtq1so8xfgo1_500Lincoln, on the other hand, is being put through the ringer by Coulson post-evaluation. His loyalty and commitment is put to the test when Coulson orders him to kill ex-SHIELD agent Felix Blake – whom we haven’t seen since he got his torso caved in by Deathlok waaaay back in End of the Beginning. Seems Blake’s a teeny bit embittered that SHIELD is helping out Inhumans so he’s decided to go full dickhead and sign up with HYDRA (though he probably doesn’t he’s doing their dirty work which makes his stance super-ironic).

tumblr_o4uqquynsP1tac1pfo1_400 tumblr_o4uqquynsP1tac1pfo2_400Mack gets development as we spend time with his little brother, who is your typical “I’m screwing up but I’m handling it” little bro who is thrust into Mack’s world after the Watchdogs’ mistake Mack for an Inhuman. During an assault on their home, Mack forges the weapon he’s been wanting all sea-nope, that’s bullshit. That’s a fucking cleaver, Mack! This is a cop-out to the shotgun-axe we’ve been promised. Shame on you, show! Shame on you!

Watchdogs is a mediocre episode that plods along, getting certain things in place so a bigger episode can knock it out of the park but after Bobbi and Hunter’s dramatic departure, I guess some downtime was needed. I guess we’ll see what the future has in store next week as Daisy gets a premonition of the future in Spacetime.

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