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S.H.I.E.L.D Exposed – “The Things We Bury”

Despite the title, not a lot of burying happens.

The team is on the hunt for the mysterious alien city and plans an elaborate heist while Skye’s father is hot on their heels and the secret behind Daniel Whitehall’s immortality is finally revealed.

tumblr_nf9v7q4MEG1u3kolao2_500 tumblr_nf9v7q4MEG1u3kolao3_500Despite my bafflement at the SkyeWard contingent of the fandom, I do like Grant Ward’s character and this episode really highlights why. Grant manages to collar his brother and takes him to the infamous well, determined to get the truth out of Christian. For the past few episodes, I’ve been untrustworthy of both of them but when Christian finally breaks and admits that he did force Grant to throw their younger brother into the well, you finally get a fuller picture of this family. The mother tortured Grant and Christian but spared (even loved) Thomas and Christian hated him for it. This one heinous act was born out of a child’s frustration and despair, not out of any sociopathic malice and ultimately, makes him more human than Grant made him out to be. Even Grant admits that everything he has done, he has done of his own volition but this is the one instance that he can’t reconcile because it wasn’t his desire, but Christian’s, that set him on this path. He wanted the truth and once he got it, he accepted his brother back with a warm smile.

tumblr_nfahgyMY7Z1tnp9k1o7_1280And then he murders Christian, along with their parents, in a house fire. THAT is a sociopath, ladies and gentlemen. It’s actually a very interesting way to tie up that plot thread and continue to show the audience (no matter how deluded some may be) that he is beyond redemption.

On the opposite end of the spectrum (and literally on the other end of the table as Ward) we have Skye’s father, The Doctor. He’s an amoral monster and he’s fully aware of that, he’s accepted what he has to be to get revenge for the murder of his wife and Skye’s mother. He and Coulson have a nice little chat and he seems more like a worried father than a possessive psychopath (*cough*Ward*cough*). During the stinger we see him find the mutilated body of his wife and swear revenge, while giving Whitehall the stink-eye in the present.

Why? BECAUSE WHITEHALL DID IT! Whitehall, back during WWII when he was Reinhardt, he was testing various people with the obelisk until one finally doesn’t become charcoal briquettes, a young woman (played by Dichen Lachman, veteran of several other sci-fi shows including Dollhouse and Torchwood). Shortly afterwards, Whitehall is captured by Peggy Carter and imprisoned for life, before being released by Undersecretary Pierce by Hydra agents and brought to an Austrian lab where he is reunited with an unaged young woman. He experiments on her, essentially taking out all her organs and putting them in himself, reversing his age and locking it at what we know. He then orders the body to be disposed of and that’s the same body Skye’s father finds, thus Skye’s mother was murdered by Hydra! DUN DUN DUUUUUUN!

tumblr_nfa28qJKFn1sh40dyo5_500 tumblr_nfa28qJKFn1sh40dyo3_500On a lighter note, Fitz’s recovery is coming along nicely and it’s great to see that he’s now developed some sass! Also, Hunter and Bobbi’s constant bickering finally leads to some emotional words and then steamy van sex in the garage. Good for them.

Fantastic episode this week and I’m happy to see we’re getting further and further into this Inhuman plot line (especially as the blue alien has been officially revealed to be Kree) and we’ll be back next week when we abandon all hope with …Ye Who Enter Here

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