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Published on November 30th, 2013 | by Sharp-O


S.H.I.E.L.D. Exposed – “Repairs”

It’s like a David Cage game. But less shit and with a BAMFing Gordon Freeman.

This was a damn good episode. This really should have been on around Halloween instead of FZZT. This was a pretty good ghost story. The team is tapped to investigate a supposed telekinetic but things soon get #2spooky when it’s revealed that there’s another presence on the Bus. A nice little touch in the opening scene is the presence of a Roxxon gas station, a shady oil company from the comics.

The David Cage comparison comes from Hannah’s spectral protector acting much like Aiden in Beyond Two Souls, so that’s timely. When it’s revealed to be former co-worker Tobias teleporting around, the comparisons to Nightcrawler start stacking up. The teleport effect is very similar to Kurt’s BAMF and it’s even explained as Tobias phasing between two dimensions, much like the Brimstone dimension Kurt enters while teleporting. Because X-Men is owned by Fox, it’s explained to be an after effect of the portals opening up in Thor: the Dark World so presumably, it’s one of the nine realms.
Melinda May is in the character development spotlight this week as we hear about the circumstances that earned her the nickname “The Cavalry”. It’s great that it’s finally addressed and really emphasises her growth throughout the season as she’s warmed up to the rest of the team (and warmed up to Ward a little too much.) She even exhibits a little of her prank-loving personality Coulson alludes to when Fitz falls for the old sleeping shaving foam trick.

Coulson Watch! He talks a little more about his past with Melinda. No weird robot allusions this week, move along!


This episode was a really fun stand alone tale with great direction from Billy Gierhart (Torchwood, The Walking Dead) and plenty of drama, comedy and suspense to carry you through. We’re skipping a week so Agents of SHIELD will return in two weeks with the long awaited reappearance of J. August Richards!

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