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S.H.I.E.L.D. Exposed – “Ragtag”

Tonight the role of Leo Fitz will be played by a chocolate labrador.We all knew this was coming, the history between Garrett and Ward is revealed while the team stages a daring raid on Cybertek!

Ward’s broken childhood results in his incarceration and is sprung by Garrett, who is actually a really abusive father figure. This still doesn’t redeem Ward. It explains a lot but certainly doesn’t make him any less of a scumbag.

tumblr_n57751SjSG1txm475o2_250The team get some brand new gadgets thanks to Trip’s grandfather in the form of a caseload of Howling Commando spy gear. Coulson and Fitz geek out adorablely and even being old as hell, the stuff still helps them infiltrate Cybertek to find connections between them and Garrett. What they really find is that Garrett is the original Deathlok subject, hence that metal plate from a couple episodes ago.

tumblr_n56w1uUcOn1r11goho2_500Raina and Ward discuss Skye’s biology (Not in that way!) and the story of her origin. The town where they found her was attacked by monsters but her parents weren’t among the victims, they were the monsters. Ooooooh! She’s probably alien.

tumblr_n57jzgn8Uj1r2ndq1o1_500Fitz and Simmons are captured and brought aboard the Bus while Coulson, Skye, May and Trip are checking out Garrett’s, now empty, secret Hydra base. Fitz sets off an EMP that disables Garrett, spitting bile and taunting him after he’s done it. Garrett orders Ward to kill them and a chase through the plane results in Fitz and Simmons trapped in a sealed room as they are ejected from the plane into the ocean. Some folks have used this (and the accompanying scene of Ward not shooting the cuddly dog) as proof that he’s still a good guy underneath. Nope, dumping them into the ocean in a sinking metal coffin instead of shooting them makes him a coward. At least if he had straight up shot them, I’d respect his convictions.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team find the Hydra base mostly abandoned until they see lights in the darkness, the Asgardian Beserker Staff and several Centipede Soldiers. Ruh-roh!
tumblr_n57iouDAYy1su0mjao1_500Garrett is injected with a freshly replicated GH325 and is revitalised (after a quick Extremis burn up). This will mean trouble for our friends that survive! The stinger is Ian Quinn trying to sell super soldiers to the American government. Yawn.

Just a quick review because I can’t say more than the penultimate episode is awesome and I can’t wait for the season finale next week!

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