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Published on September 30th, 2015 | by Sharp-O


S.H.I.E.L.D. Exposed: “Laws of Nature” Season 3 Premiere

Aaaaaand we’re back with a bang!  

Holy cow, that was equally as entertaining and intriguing as the Season 2 opener! We’ll kick off with…

tumblr_nvhh71GNw11u7snhwo2_500Daisy Johnson, Agent of SHIELD! Damn, Chloe Bennet looks fantastic this season, the new hair, the slick gauntlets and that tank-top. DANG. But seriously, Chloe is doing a fantastic job of portraying a more confident Agent Daisy. No longer going by Skye, which Coulson seems to struggle with, Daisy is definitely taking a more softly-softly approach than her mentor but is no less capable because of it. She really is becoming Coulson and May’s child!

Speaking of May, she’s noticeably absent this episode but everyone is cracking on with their own plots so she’s not really missed (plus she’ll be back next week).

tumblr_nvi40mKJJ41qgapqso2_500Lots of things are changing but I have to talk about all the new toys. Since SHIELD’s re-emergence in Age of Ultron, clearly Fury’s been in touch and given Coulson a ton of new toys to play with the two biggest being Zephyr-One, the new bus which looks sexy as all hell, being both jet and mini-helicarrier in one, and Coulson’s new hand! I like to think it’s based on Deathlock or even Vision tech (name-drop for Doctor Cho, please?). Hell, I want to see a rocket punch!

In terms of antagonists, we get Rosalind Price and her Advanced Threat Containment Unit. A new rival for SHIELD that deals with alien threats, a strong-willed woman at it’s head who commands respect even from the president? Hmmmm, if this doesn’t lead to the establishment of SWORD, I will be disappointed.

tumblr_inline_nvi72uS1af1sn2nxc_500On the other end, we have Lash, the Inhuman Hunter. Not just an inhuman hunter, he’s literally an Inhuman Hunter. Apparently he’s a character from the comics but once you move out of the Royal Family and Kamala Khan, my Inhuman knowledge is lacking. OH! OH! Can we have Kamala on SHIELD? That would be awesome!

tumblr_nvh2zxdeQ21rn0m6fo2_500And finally, the biggest thing I have to talk about is Fitz. God damn, Ian De Caestacker is killing it in this episode. A man possessed, hunting across the globe for a way to save the woman he loves. The rest of the team are coming to terms with her death but Fitz, after losing his last thread of hope, explodes. It’s an immensely powerful sequence as he walks silently through the base, kicking in doors and blasting the locks off the containment unit. He steps inside and demands, screaming, that the monolith do something. Swallow him whole if it likes, just do something. It’s truly heart breaking to watch the dorky guy who came back from a crippling brain injury lose his mind once more. All for a woman he knows is de–

tumblr_nvi8kx27fq1uoo511o2_500Well bugger me sideways… Jemma’s alive! Sure, she’s running from alien predator on another planet but she’s alive! For now… Can we get a Star-Lord cameo? Hell, I’d even settle for Yondu.

A fantastic start to the new season and I can’t wait to see where it’ll take us. Be sure to come back next week if you seek Purpose in the Machine.

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