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Published on July 4th, 2013 | by JJ


The Drive In Of DOOM!- Fantastic Four

Hello and welcome back to DOOM!’s exploration of the Comic Book film genre hosted by Aaron Poole and JJ Hawkins. This month we We take a look at Tim Story’s Fantastic Four. I think we all agree that this film got a few things wrong, but upon further notice, is it THAT bad? Did they get anything right? Well, yes and no, truth be told. While the casting of the “Four” is half perfect, the other half is…well listen in to get our full opinions…

Look at them just stand there! Wow! they sure can stand!

Damn, they said I would come out as Jeff Goldblum!

Make no mistake, this guy is half of the reasons you watch this film. He ain’t Captain America, yet, but he steals this picture.

Since Aaron was unfamiliar with this image, I thought I would put it here for all of you. Mmmm…pizza.

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