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Published on July 15th, 2013 | by Sharp-O


Mint in Box: SDCC 2013 Exclusives Hot Picks!

page-banner-mibSan Diego Comic-Con 2013 is mere days away and as always, has tons upon tons of exclusive swag to spend your money on but what is worth buying? For me personally, there’s a few choice pieces that I’d love to get my mitts on so let’s take a look!

Companies attending SDCC to peddle their wares often have a whole host of exclusive goodies to give away or to sell you and since I’m not in any position to attend, I thought I’d give my thoughts on a few items that I’d love to own personally. First up; DOMO-KUUUUUUUN!

Funko Booth #5343 – Metallic Domo Batman
Metallic-Domo-as-Batman-Pop-VinylFunko is always on hand to peddle more variant vinyls than you can shake a stick at, this year alone has so many that I’ve lost count. Has to be around 50-60 at least but this one caught my eye for a number of reasons. Firstly, Domo, because Domo is always funny and because it’s Domo dressed as Batman. SOLD. With numerous Pop Vinyls from TV, Movies, Comics and Pop Culture, I’m sure you’ll find one to tickle your particular fancy.

Bluefin Tamashii Nations Booth 3545 – S.H. Figuarts Power Rangers Samurai Metallic Figure Set
shinken_006Boy, that’s a mouthful. I love S.H. Figuarts (despite not owning any) for their articulation, generous accesories and overall aesthetic. This set includes complete team of Rangers (many of whom had never seen a regular retail release in the US), with all their extras and accesories from their respective single releases and in a shiny Metallic paint? How can you pass up such a great set of figures for the sum of $200. It may seem steep but importing the regular female Rangers can command that price alone sometimes so it’s a damn good deal!

Hasbro Booth 3329 – Marvel Universe Deadpool Corps Special Edition Figure Set
DeadpoolDeadpool is big, tacos are delicious and exclusives are awesome. Throw them all together and you have a 6-‘Pool team of figures in exclusive taco-shaped packaging and a lovely Mexican food truck box to keep them in. Granted this is an extremely silly exclusive set for the sum of $49.99 but that’s why I love it so! Chimichangas!

LEGO Booth 2829 – Marvel and DC Superheroes Minifigures
legoDid you really expect anything less from me? LEGO released a bunch last year and this year they have 4 more to giveaway over the course of the event. Green Arrow takes cues from his TV appearance, Spiderman is chockful of lovely detail and Spiderwoman is a neat, relatively obscure, Avenger to throw into the group. The only misfire is black-suit Superman which appears to be the exclusive du jour this year because of Man of Steel but ends up looking dull compared to his more colourful comrades. Anyone who sends me an Arrow, Spidey or Spiderwoman wins my undying affection and a super-special-awesome shout out in a video!

Bluefin Distribution Booth 140 – Dragonball Z Exclusive 3 Piece Scouter Set
scouters_2Do I need to explain why I need this? DBZ was a huge part of my first exposure to anime and DBZ Abridged is my favourite comedy series on YouTube so why do I want one of these awesome Scouters? Muffin Button. Also because they’re $25 and come in 3 different colours. They’re very limited so if you’re lucky enough to nab one, be aware that I am super jealous.

So that’s what I would conceivabley be spending my money on at SDCC, how about you? Any of you attending or not, what would you love to get and what leaves you cold inside?

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