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Published on April 22nd, 2015 | by Sharp-O


Flash Facts – “Who is Harrison Wells?”

Surprise! We already know the answer!  

Yup, unsurprisingly, this episode is mostly spent trying to convince the remaining cast member (Caitlin) that Wells is the big bad while the rest of us have to wait quietly. Still at least we have a somewhat interesting villain and a visit to sister-show, Arrow.

tumblr_nn7gghRysG1sbixd7o1_540The unfortunate result of having a shape shifter as your villain is that everyone acts supremely dumb, like Barry getting knocked out by “Eddie” and Caitlin being kissed by “Barry”. Hannibal Bates is relatively obscure, coming from the comic series 52 and is punching way above his weight class. He’s an alright villain but can be ultimately forgettable, like Whatsisface and Whosits. Got a freaky look to him though, that’s cool.

tumblr_nn7n2ueque1r2dvaao1_540 tumblr_nn7n2ueque1r2dvaao2_540 tumblr_nn7n2ueque1r2dvaao3_540One good thing to come out of this is another buddy building exercise for Barry and Eddie, the latter of whom is framed for murder but when Barry busts him out of custody, implores Barry to put him back and catch this Everyman the right way. Eddie’s a cool guy and I’m glad he’s in on the secret.

tumblr_nn7exaRW451qgw158o5_540Speaking of cool partnerships, Joe and Cisco hop over to Starling City and team up with Captain Quentin Lance. Laurel Lance also makes an appearance and reveals her identity as the Black Canary to Cisco, who declares his love and offers his help with a tech problem. These scenes are very fun and give some levity for the Arrow characters who have been stuffed with grief for the past month so it’s great to see some light-hearted banter. Team Joesco and Lance find the original Wells’ body and Cisco builds a sonic choker for Laurel, offering “Canary Cry” as its name. As payment, Laurel takes a picture in full costume with a delight Cisco. I wish Cisco and Laurel could be a thing, they’re very sweet.

tumblr_nn79zsB6WJ1uskxowo3_500 tumblr_nn79zsB6WJ1uskxowo6_500Stinger sees Team Flash find out about Wells’ secret room and it’s pretty tense to see them finally come face to face with the forbidden closet of mystery. They discover the Reverse Flash costume and the newspaper from the future.

Things are really picking up speed as we race toward the finally! I’ll catch you next week when we spring The Trap.

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