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Published on April 30th, 2015 | by Sharp-O


Flash Facts – “The Trap”

T’was all a cunning ruse!  
The Trap is sprung and the team find themselves in the worst case scenario but for the audience it’s a fantastic episode.

tumblr_nnkets0pbv1qgw158o1_540 tumblr_nnkets0pbv1qgw158o9_540Right off the bat, we get an exposition dump by Gideon, who is more than happy to spill the beans on Wells, Barry’s future and even make herself a nice full-body projection for no raisin. It’s good to get this out of the way at the top of the show.

tumblr_nnlxfe7L401qmvnjso1_540Flash Fact: While the show makes a big deal about Iris West-Allen writing the article, the fun stuff is what is mentioned; namely Green Arrow, The Atom and Hawk Girl, giving sly nod to the upcoming spin-off show starring characters from both Arrow and The Flash.

tumblr_nnk54hfZHo1qm6yoeo2_500 tumblr_nnk54hfZHo1qm6yoeo1_500 tumblr_nnk54hfZHo1qm6yoeo3_500After the info-dump, the team regroups and addresses Cisco’s “dream” and offers no real explaination other than “because we need to know this stuff” and concoct some snazzy headgear to help Cisco lucid dream and get the info they need. (Plus Joe’s inappropriate giggle is the best thing ever)

Flash Fact: As well as Cisco’s glasses looking a great deal like his New 52 head gear, the welding goggles Barry dons bear a striking similarity to Captain Cold’s comic eye-wear.

So the team concocts their trap and all seems to be going well until Joe shoots Wells and Barry’s father seems doomed to rot in jail but SWERVE! It’s not Wells at all but Hannibal Bates, the Everyman. Wells taunts the team over the speakers and leaves his wheelchair behind in the time vault just so Barry could see that Wells has been watching them all along, fully aware of their plans.

tumblr_nnki4nQ2M91qgw158o1_500As always, Tom Cavanaugh plays the line between despicable villain and warm mentor excellently, something even Barry acknowledges. He’s such a compelling and complex character to watch and it makes the show that much better for it.

Wells kidnaps Eddie, Iris inadvertently realises that Barry is The Flash and the team is left reeling as Wells’ endgame fast approaches. This was an amazing episode and the series as a whole continues to get better and better. With only three episodes left, I can’t wait to see how Team Flash rises to the occasion but be sure to join us next week for some monkey business in Grodd Lives!

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