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Published on October 30th, 2014 | by Sharp-O


Flash Facts: “Going Rogue”

“What killed the dinosaurs? The Ice Age!”  

Going Rogue marks the big gear change in The Flash, as we go from the C-List villains to the big guns of Barry’s Rogues with Captain Cold, played by guest star Wentworth Miller.

tumblr_ne7f90gkq11rl53x2o2_500We also get a small crossover as Felicity Smoak, from sister-show Arrow, comes to visit Barry for the first time since his coma. Emily Bett Rickards has fantastic chemistry with Grant Gustin and the two make an adorably perfect double act that could blossom into romance if they weren’t holding a candle for someone else, something they freely admit to each other in a rather touching and emotionally profound scene near the end of the episode. Throughout the episode, the pair are an absolute delight to watch and it’s fun to see someone from Team Arrow interact with Team Flash. Wells even admits to keeping tabs on her career because she shows a lot of promise, which is creepy and has a hint of retroactive foreshadowing to it given his mysterious circumstances.

Speaking of Wells, this episode marks the first time the team see him lose is usual affable nature and straight up threatens Cisco for inventing the cold gun. Cisco’s lucky Wells didn’t take off his glasses or he would have been FUCKED.

tumblr_ne7hvhsFDY1qbob15o1_500Wentworth Miller is the special guest star and is, much to my surprise, quite entertaining as popular villain, Captain Cold. They go to great lengths to establish his origins, even slyly mentioning his sister (the villain Golden Glider) and show that he used liquid nitrogen in his robberies before he even acquired the cold gun that was stolen from STAR Labs. This portrayal is pretty spot on to his comic counterpart, with set rules for his crew that are in line with his rules with The Rogues. There’s also ICE PUNS! Not quite as overt as Arnie’s seminal snow shenanigans but still a fun little nod.

tumblr_ne752bQRd71rwtxg9o4_500I feel that this is a good point to talk about the CGI used in the show. While no where near as good as Quicksilver’s recent visual jaunt on the silver screen, the CGI works well and doesn’t distract too much though it can look very rubbery sometimes but otherwise, the running effects and the freezing effect for the cold gun were used quite well.

Post-credits scene establishes Captain Cold (who was let go, for lack of a better option) talking with an ex-partner and how The Flash is a big enough threat for him to hire a new crew for future jobs and offers the unseen man the flame gun from earlier in the show, establishing this as our future villain, Heat Wave. When going through the various weapons some guy stole from STAR Labs, there was a camera-looking weapon that I didn’t immediately recognise so my best guess is Mirror Master maybe? Hope so! Can’t wait to see more of the Scarlet Speedster’s Rogues come together in the future. Get Mark Hamill to reprise his role from the 90’s and be an old-as-balls Trickster!

Much like SHIELD, The Flash won’t be back til November 11th but rest assured, we’ll be back then to take a peak at Plastique.

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