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Published on October 14th, 2015 | by Sharp-O


Flash Facts – “Flash of Two Worlds”

Awwwww, yeah! Now this is some Grade-A comic book television! 

Flash of Two Worlds is what fans have been clamouring for since the show started; Barry Allen, the novice hero and Jay Garrick, the elder statesmen joining forces to take down a villain so heinous that it requires two Speedsters to do it. Sand Demon.

Wait, who? No, I’m actually asking in the tone of Djimon Hounsou because who the hell is Sand Demon? If you were going for someone from Jay’s world or even from his rogues gallery, I’d have gone for Icicle. Not only because of the obvious parallels but because it’d make for some fun banter. But there’s a lot of introductions this episode so we must press on!

tumblr_nw6vvcLiXl1s9xlo1o1_540 tumblr_nw6vvcLiXl1s9xlo1o2_540Patty Spivot, a character from the comics who, in the New 52 at least is Barry’s love interest, makes her first appearance and she’s clearly a fan of Barry’s work, sharing some good chemistry together. She’s eager, boastful but deep down, she wants to join the Anti-Metahuman Taskforce because the Marden brothers killed her father. She’s a fun character, I can’t wait to see more of her.

tumblr_inline_nw4vdozlrr1qf7f5h_500Zoom, The Flash’s true nemesis, makes his first full appearance. Clad in in a black version of the Reverse-Flash costume, a mask that looks like it’s suffocating the poor suit actor and with cobalt blue lightning, he makes an intimidating first impression by robbing Jay of his speed. He’s also voiced by Tony Todd, just in case you weren’t quite intimidated enough. I think they could have down more to make him seem more demonic, rather than just Reverse-Flash in black. The vibrating really bothers me.

tumblr_nw7oncid551sieiueo4_500Jay Garrick! A lot younger, buffer and attractive than I thought they’d go with Jay but just like Caitlin, I was swooning. He’s got a bit of Nathan Fillion about him and he’s incredibly charming throughout the entire episode, overcoming Barry’s suspicions to become his new mentor. He’s played Teddy Sears who I really know from TorchwoodMiracleDay… Well, we won’t hold that against him. He’s too dreamy.

tumblr_inline_nw7qkh01Gu1ss1lam_500Flash of Two Worlds was an utter delight from start to finish. It established the mutliverse, it had a fun dynamic between our two heroes and set-up even more plot points to come but we’ll have to see how that goes next time with a whole Family of Rogues!


What do you mean I forgot something? Oooooooh


Yeah. I’m glad he’s back too :)

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