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Published on October 21st, 2015 | by Sharp-O


Flash Facts – “Family of Rogues”

Wentworth Miller continues to be the COOLEST guy on this show…  

Family of Rogues has everything I love from The Flash: Wentworth Miller acting the fuck out of every scene, awesome foreshadowing, Jesse L Martin being Best Dad and cute character interactions!

tumblr_nwkps46H3V1qh1pn2o2_500Speaking of, whose sailing the Caitlin/Jay ship because they’re doing a bang-up job. Danielle Panabaker and Teddy Sears have such an awesome chemistry, it almost rivals that of Panabaker/Gustin. With Jay sticking around for a while (He went and got a new haircut and everything) , hopefully we’ll get more of these guys being cute as hell week-to-week.

tumblr_nwkkbmjYer1ux2jboo1_500 tumblr_nwkkbmjYer1ux2jboo2_500On the other ship, Cisco and Lisa Snart being cute is great. These two have a fun dynamic and this week sees them take a step closer to becoming a little more than frenemies. Loved it.

tumblr_nwks7wcesB1tnvsx0o5_250Oh, Joe… Bless your heart. I have no fucks to give about the Iris’s Mother plotline (though Iris continues to be pretty good compared to last season) but if Jesse L Martin cries, so will I. Something about that man crying really gets to me.

You’ve gotta feel sorry for Michael Ironside too. He’s a perfectly capable actor but he shares every scene with Miller and thus, is little more than set dressing.

Flash Fact: Michael Ironside and Peyton List previously played a father/daughter duo on Smallville.

tumblr_nwjxiwfs7U1uguo4xo1_r1_540 tumblr_nwjxiwfs7U1uguo4xo2_540What a bastard of a character, eh? If nothing else, this motivation lets Miller play with Cold’s emotions a little more and god damn, it’s a powerful performance. Cold’s humour, fear, cockiness and the implicit trust that he shares with Flash, despite being enemies is fantastic. Easily the highlight of the episode.

tumblr_nwjpeoo6Fu1tbsjlbo1_400Running Gag Week 2: Professor Stein stroking out mid-sentence but this time with a twist! The Firestorm Matrix is going bandit and the good Prof needs another partner to stabilise it! We’ll be seeing more of that next time and before we wrap up…

tumblr_nwk9ykI23Q1rz92zjo1_500Harrison Wells appears through the portal like the god damn Terminator. More as this develops.

Family of Rogues is a fantastic episode but then, I’m completely biased but I think every one will find something to dig in this episode. As cool as this episode was, next week will heat things up so come back next week for The Fury of Firestorm.

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