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Published on April 15th, 2015 | by Sharp-O


Flash Facts – “All-Star Team-Up”

Hey now! You’re an All-Star! Get your game on! Go plaaaay!   

All-Star Team-Up is what I’ve been waiting for since Ray’s introduction, getting himself and our boy Barry on screen for some serious Science Bromance! Unfortunately, we don’t quite get that but it’s still a fantastic episode!

tumblr_nmuci7v2cP1qm6yoeo1_400I’ll get the Iris BS out of the way first. She knows Eddie is lying to her and spends the rest of the episode pissing and moaning about it, EVEN AFTER Barry gives her a perfectly good reason as to Eddie’s recent behaviour but still gives him an ultimatum and storms off. Now, I’m not saying that her opinion or concern is invalid, I’m just pissed that we’re wasting time with her when there is an ALL-STAR TEAM-UP going on! Oy vey.

tumblr_nmtxvjAvcH1s6wasjo2_500Felicity heralds the arrival of The Atom to STAR Labs, Ray getting up and grinning like the massive dork that he is. You know the writers couldn’t resist the chance to make Superman puns for Brandon Routh’s first appearance on the show. While Ray and Barry don’t spend a lot of time chumming it up, Cisco is immediately smitten with Ray’s suit, less so with his name choice. Brandon Routh is just a delight to watch as Ray so he’s a welcome light in an ever darkening arc.

tumblr_nmtwmulOnA1tfpcvro1_500 tumblr_nmtwmulOnA1tfpcvro2_500The bad guy du jour is Brie Larvan, who gets the shortest end of the stick with little-to-no character development or motivation apart from being fired. Again, I think the Iris scenes could have been cut in favour of more time with the Bug-Eyed Bandit. Emily Kinney (The Walking Dead’s Beth) does a passable job with what little she’s given, even being on par with Felicity’s hacking skills.

Flash Fact: In the comics, the Bug-Eyed Bandit is one of The Atom’s rogues but is actually a male named Bertram Larvan.

tumblr_nmufmzMJxr1t5gz0ao1_500 tumblr_nmufmzMJxr1t5gz0ao2_500Tina McGee makes a return and has one of the funnier moments of the episode with Harrison Wells.

Stinger (heh) has Barry and Joe bringing Cisco and Caitlin in on their investigation of Wells and while Caitlin is adamant that Wells couldn’t be the Reverse-Flash, Cisco reveals that he’s been having visions of Wells killing him (which we’ve been seeing throughout the episode). Wait, WHAT? How is that a thing? Those events never happened in this timeline so how can he have memories of them? Is Barry and Wells’ presence futzing with time? Hmmm, guess we’ll have to see what explanation they come up with…
tumblr_nmubdwYPIh1qhrh9to2_500All-Star Team-Up isn’t the best team-up The Flash has had but it’s certainly entertaining and continues the Wells investigation to it’s natural end. Everyone is in on it and Wells, seemingly, has no idea. Join me next week when we find out Who is Harrison Wells?

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