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Published on June 13th, 2014 | by Colin


Cardcore Gamer: ‘E-Wings, that what ‘e does.’


Some things come in waves – water for example, and 80s hair – a Wave 4 X-Wing Miniatures ship was up for grabs! It would have been rude not to…

Every so often, my Friendly Local Game Shop runs a competition to win one of the shiny, not-yet-released ships for Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures – a table-top dogfighting game with lots and lots of toys detailed, pre-painted miniatures. I’m not much of a competitive gamer, but occasionally I can be goaded into action like Rambo’s lazy cousin. With a Chewbacca-piloted Millennium Falcon and two B-Wing fighters, I took first place and chose from several sleek, deadly looking craft the most pig-ugly one available: the E-Wing. I named it ‘J.R.’


Cardboard box + sex toy = ?

So why this thing? What even is it? Apparently hailing from the comics and thus squarely an ‘expanded universe’ ship, the E-Wing has the solid build and attack stats of the X-wing, the agility and moves of an A-Wing and the looks of the Soviet Eastern Bloc. While we’re about it, did I mention it’s expensive?


No Frills

27 Points is a fair chunk for your basic, Skill 1 Knave Squadron Pilot, especially as 2 Hull points can mean a one-shot-kill from Proton Bombs, 3 shields or no, but look again; 3 defence, with Barrel Roll and Evade means that if you’re getting shot up, then you’re not flying smart. 2 more points gets you a PS3 Blackmoon Pilot, but that’s nearly a third of your points budget gone. Then again…

E-Wing Dial

Where it stops, your opponent doesn’t know!

Missing only the A-Wing’s speed 5 K-Turn and speed 1 turns, this is a respectably fast and clean dial, benefiting from my favourite speed 1 forward nudge AND the ability to whizz right up to speed 5 with no stress. This ship is full of surprises for an unwary opponent and with Advanced Sensors, will be very flexible.

Etahn Pilot Card

“No, no, NO! Not ‘Ethan’ FFS…”

Note the wording “the attacker” – not necessarily Etahn himself! Added Critical damage at any range, gives massed fire a bit more bite, so your first celebrity pilot looks to be the perfect Z-95 Headhunter swarm leader. Etahn would also make a vicious wingman for Wedge, or Ten Numb.

Corran Pilot Card


Holy flying cack! This chap is the perfect antidote to those turns when you just can’t quite put down that TIE Bomber. Two attacks per turn, then get the hell out will also make one blistering hit-and-run against big ships with potential for 8 hits at range 1, but at 35 points, he’ll cost you.

It may not be a pretty sight, but the E-Wing has many tricks up its sleeves. This is a very versatile ship, but I’m not entirely convinced by the shield and hull balance, though the extra manoeuvrability and full-featured action bar will keep it alive longer. It will be interesting to what upgrades will become the norm for this already highly-costed ship, but I can imagine that the E-Wing could be an absolute monster…for the right price.

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