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Published on September 20th, 2012 | by Aaron


Tease Me, Baby! – Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph is a movie that gained a ridiculous amount of online attention from one screen shot. You know the one, with all the video game characters sitting in a circle for group therapy (It’s below the video if you really never saw it). As nerds everywhere spasmed at the possibility of seeing all these characters in one movie, Disney rubbed their grubby hands with glee at the possible box-office return.

Underneath all that, what is this film actually about? Well is seems that a fictional character named Wreck-It Ralph has grown tired of being the villain of his game and decides he’s better suited to being a hero and tries to follow this aspiration. Sounds good and has endless possibilities attached to a story like that so count me in.

The old question needs to be asked, though. Will the movie be any good? Well, our first hint is always in the trailer so lets watch it now…

Hmmm. Let’s dive straight in:

– What Is A Bit?

This is a Disney movie and while they want people of all ages to go, they’ll obviously want a large amount of children to attend it. In that vain, it seems strange that our protagonist is from the now by-gone arcade 8-bit era. An era that the modern child would have little-to-no knowledge of.

Saying that, I appreciate it and it looks great here. Suspiciously great. Like, I don’t remember those games looking as pretty as the one above. Me thinks they may be cheating with the bits a little.

– Guess Who?

Ok, so we need to talk about the elephant in the room. Also, the giant Russian in the room and the egg shaped scientist.

All the cameos in this movie will be a drinking game of some sort once it hits DVD. Expect your nerdiest of friends to have come up with it before the movie finishes in theatres. In the meantime, use these moments to dig out your old consoles and spend some time with them.

– Right In The Feels

In case you may have forgotten, this is a Disney flick and it’s going to try and make you cry on more than one occasion.

Don’t give in. Don’t let them know you have feelings. Crying will get you killed in war.

– Wait… What?

If it wasn’t for the little credit sequence at the end of this trailer I would have sworn that the voice of this character is the wonderful Kristen Schaal.

So I was completely surprised to see that it was infamous potty-mouth Sarah Silverman. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not disappointed, Silverman is a total bad-ass but I was left considering my life choices when I was left so shocked by this revelation.


Overall: Is this movie worth seeing? I think it will be. It may not be that funny, some of the jokes in the trailer fall short and they’re usually the good ones, but I think it will be a fun romp and worth the 90 minutes of my time. I suggest Wreck-It Ralph may not be worth going to the expensive cinema to see but I guess we’ll have to wait on reviews to trickle out to make that judgment call.

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