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Published on March 10th, 2011 | by Aaron


Pencil Vs. Camera – Art Battle

Yesterday our DOOM leader, and Jack Nicholson look-a-like, John drew my attention on Twitter to a link. It brought me to the Flickr account of Ben Heine, an artist currently residing in Brussels, Belgium. Being the official Flickr connoisseur of DOOM, I was fascinated to see what John was so impressed by.

It turns out Ben has a rather gifted knack of mixing pencil drawings with real life photography. It’s a simple premise but an effective one none the less. By drawing images on to a scrap of paper and angling it at just right spot he manages to create a little magic within the world around us.

All the pictures are his own and the drawings too. There are currently 53 images in this group that he has created so far but he says that he tries to update it every week with a new one.

For your viewing pleasure I’ve compiled my favourites from the collection for you here but go check out the full selection (at this link) if you like what you see. You’ll find some insights that he has written about the process and the pictures themselves.

Pencil Vs Camera - 38

Pencil Vs Camera - 32

Pencil Vs Camera - 7

Pencil Vs Camera - 41

Pencil Vs Camera - 36

Pencil Vs Camera - 45

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