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Published on April 10th, 2013 | by The Invisible Man


George Lucas to direct Star Trek 3!

It’s official! After last Monday’s announcement from Paramount executive, Shawna Lantable, that the studio was looking to swiftly lock in a new production team to fast track Star Trek 3; today comes the unsurprising news which has been trending throughout Twitter in the past few hours.

Paramount has officially handed over the reigns of the franchise to none other than George Lucas.

Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, has been long rumoured to be fuming over the appointment of JJ Abrams for Episode 7, with the gossip mill circulating he was heavily campaigning Uwe Boll for the gig.

There’s no early word as yet on plot specifics or major casting, but talk on Star Wars community forum,, hints at Lucas again taking a prequel approach to his new material. The only casting changes circulating at the moment is, with Chris Pine stalling on another adventure in the captain’s chair, Anakin Skywalker is first choice to fill the seat. No, not Hayden Christensen. Jake Lloyd.

Lucas is said to be keen on utilising motion capture techniques on Lloyd’s face, to completely replace with CGI in post-production. Apparently to make his expressions more life-like.

Paramount is tentatively pencilling Trek 3 in for a summer 2015 release date. One week before the release of Abram’s Episode 7.


DOOM will keep you posted.

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