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Published on July 16th, 2012 | by Aaron


Aaron’s WWEport – You Can Bank On It

Just when I thought I was out… they pulled me back in!

Before the summer began I had grown increasingly frustrated with the WWE, particularly it’s creative department. Their best wrestlers weren’t being utilized and the few that were had some terrible storylines with wrestlers who didn’t deserve the air-time (I’m still looking at you, Khali). I had genuinely decided to quit this column and concentrate on more grown up things, like comic books.

However, recently things have gotten increasingly better. It’s still not great, but there is definite improvement. The recent RAWs have been enjoyable, especially the week Vickie Guerrero was the guest General Manager, and if you can make me enjoy 2 hours with Vickie Guerrero you know it was something special.

CM Punk and D-Bry have been feuding for over a month. They could feud for another 12 months and I’d be happy about that. These guys are pure class.

And WWE have actually been working on their tag-team division. Seriously, I know, right?! These are all great positives.

There has been a lot of injuries and suspensions but the roster has found an equilibrium recently. Besides, the longer Randy Orton stays off my screen the better.

The Divas division is still completely in dissaray but AJ has gotten a chance to do some amazing work this past month or two and she has grabbed the opportunity with her small, crazy hands.

I don’t know if I can pin (roll-up or otherwise) my new found happiness entirely on Big Johnny being gone from our screens, but it has definitely been apart of it. Now if we can just get Cole to shut up…

But on to last night’s Money In The Bank PPV. Warning now, if you haven’t seen it yet do so before reading this because obviously spoilers abound. Although there is only one thing on my mind





… Seriously.





… No peeking.





… Is everyone ready?





HALLELUJAH! PRAISE THE LORD! THE ZIG ZAG MAN HAS THE BRIEFCASE, SUCKA! CAN YOU DIG THAT?????? *ahem* Sorry. Got a little carried away there. This is what happens after 3 hours of Booker T commentary.

But yes, Dolph Ziggler is Mr Money In The Bank and I could not be more excited. To say that Ziggler has been abused in the WWE might sound a little sensational but the guy has consistently jobbed for every guy the WWE have wanted to push for the past couple of years. And when I say Dolph could wrestle a broom and make it look good, that is no exaggeration. He is exceptional. But they chained him to Vickie G and Jack Swagger while making him lose week in and week out. It was heartbreaking to watch.

The plus side was, he was still young and you had to hope that he was going to get his shot eventually. They love to make you pay your dues in wrestling and Dolph has sold for Zack Ryder AND Santino Marella so he’s paid more than his fair share. Last night, it really felt like it finally paid off. And much like Daniel Bryan winning it last year, hopefully this is the start of him being a headliner for the considerable future.

Hell, the crowd agrees with me. You could hear Dolph chants throughout the match and you could see more signs for him in the crowd than anyone else.

Including John Cena who… I think had a match that night or something.

So yes, in the immortal words of JR; “business has just picked up”.

PS: if there is a certain someone reading this, if you make a “Go Zig Or Go Home” t-shirt, I’ll buy it.

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