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Published on August 14th, 2013 | by Aaron


Aaron’s WWEport – HHHistory Repeating

HHH has a terrible habit of putting himself into matches where he isn’t needed.

This week on RAW Paul Levesque once again announced himself as the special guest referee for the WWE Championship match at Summerslam. This is the match between WWE-poster-boy John Cena and the-hottest-thing-in-the-business-right-now Daniel Bryan. A match that the fans are ravenous for (especially since John’s current elbow injury gives Bryan a good chance of taking the title), a match that almost sells itself. But now they’ve added the pointless stipulation of HHH being the guest referee. Does this sound familiar at all? Well it should.

Two years ago CM Punk absconded with the WWE Championship after beating John Cena for it. During his absence the WWE crowned a new champion once again in John Cena. When Punk returned, with the title, a decider was created for Summerslam 2011. The match sold itself, right? Punk was the biggest thing in wrestling for years after THAT promo earlier in the year. The buzz after his disappearance with the title was epic. The fans were salivating at the prospect of these two guys meeting in the ring again. The PPV tickets were being snapped up like a Sharknado.

Cue Triple H. Making himself a wrench in the works, Paul decided that this huge match for some reason needed him to make it better. And not a single person understood why. Just watch and tell me why this match needed him.

Now, the intervention of Vince McMahon, that’s something you can make a case for. Vince has put wrestlers over successfully in the past. Nobody needs me to explain the good he did for Steve Austin. The Boss’ dislike for small wrestlers is legendary so the story is an obvious one to use. Bryan, the perennial underdog, being told by the Chairman that he’s just not what they’re looking for is a great way to push Bryan even further into the stratosphere. That sort of angle for an already good match makes sense.

Bryan and the Boss

HHH’s feud with Vince recently has been lackluster at best, boring to say the least. I don’t think anyone really gives a damn about whether or not Stephanie is feeling awkward about her husband and father fighting backstage. So to push that terrible storyline into the middle of the Championship match at one of the biggest PPVs of the year? It stinks of ego and nepotism, even in the wrestling business which is built on ego and nepotism.

A perfect example was the big promo between Bryan and Cena at the end of RAW this week. Bryan called Cena a parody of a wrestler, Cena slapped Bryan in the face. I was gripped. I was excited. I was sitting on the edge of my seat. Then HHH’s music hit and I audibly groaned. Such an anti-climax. He came down to the ring and stood there with a smirk on his face and did nothing. A good representation of all he has to offer at this point.

I get that HHH was a big draw back in the day. Hell, I was a fan at one point myself. I hear he does a good job backstage and seems to be part of some positive changes in the company. But these days I think he should stay retired and stay out of the ring, even if he is only wearing stripes.

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