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Published on May 21st, 2014 | by Aaron


Aaron’s WWEport – Here Comes The Money

It’s time to talk about the biggest financial crisis to ever hit the wrestling industry. The way we view wrestling and how much we enjoy it may forever change because of these economic problems. No, I’m not talking about Vince McMahon losing $350 million on the stock market, I’m talking about Botchamania looking for $1 donations!

If you’re any kind of wrestling fan you’ll be very familiar with YouTube sensation Botchamania. It is a compilation show of mistakes and funny moments featuring the whole wrestling landscape like WWE and TNA to the indie shows such as CZW. If you’re not familiar, here is the most recent episode 251:

You now have 250 other episodes to watch. Say goodbye to your loved ones and you can thank me when you’re finished.

The show is made solely by one man, Maffew. And he has come to a crossroads. He says; “Back when I was younger and between jobs, making Botchamania was easy. Now I’m 26 and working 40+ hours at work, time is a precious commodity to be spent watching shows, editing and watching more bloody shows. Since 2013, my life’s been ‘go to work, come home, watch wrestling, go to bed’ and can’t really justify this anymore as I’m spending more time in front a computer than Kasparov when he played Deep Blue”. So is this the end? “It’s either the end or the beginning. As I type this, Botchamania 251 has been released and I am giving myself up to Botchamania 275 to turns things around or call it a night. A friend introduced me to this wonderful website that looks like it simplifies things: If you want the videos to continue then you can support me in a small way and get a few extra things out of it. If you don’t, no harm done”.

That wonderful website he refers to is Patreon and there are a lot of creative people utilizing this service to help make the things that people love. Basically, you just pledge an amount you want to give for something and every time the person creates that thing, the money comes out of your account. You can set a limit on how much you give too so that you don’t get swindled. Say, for example, you donate 1 dollar per video that comes out and Maffew creates 5 that month, if you set your limit to only three videos a month he only gets the three dollars. I hope my explanation makes sense. To learn more about it Patreon has an FAQ.

Anyway, for a guy who has made 251 videos of content that I love and that I know most wrestling fans love, I think a dollar is a pretty good price for a video. Check out his Patreon page for more info and see for yourself:

As for Vince McMahon? Until he makes Dolph Ziggler a champion again, he can whistle for it.


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