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Published on April 13th, 2012 | by Aaron


Aaron’s WWEport – Feud For Thought

I’m back from my rather epic Wrestlemania predictions victory to give a quick update for those who may not be following the wrestler’s exploits online.

Anyone who knows me, or has even read these reports, knows that I heart Dolph Ziggler. He’s great, ’nuff said. So it will be no surprise that I follow him on Twitter. (For the record, the wrestlers who I follow online are: CM Punk, Zack Ryder, Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan and the Zig Zag man). While Dolph’s feed is mostly kayfabe #HEEL stuff, which I enjoy, he also links to things he enjoys from time to time.

When the following video popped up online, well, Dolph got a little excited. NOTE: don’t worry, the guy chewing his way through the first 30 seconds of the video is not important.

Dolph proceeded to beg the WWE to let him do a response video. Dolph does a WWE YouTube show called Download which is pretty terrible if I’m honest but at least allows the Z man to shine with a few funny self-depricating remarks. My favourite of which being “I don’t lose [to the side]actually, I lose all the time, don’t tell my mom[/to the side]”. It may have taken a while, but his wish was granted.

That promo above, is pretty much more screen time than Ziggler has been allowed in months on TV. I won’t get into how badly the WWE are mismanaging one of the best wrestlers on their roster right now, just know it may be another report in the future.

So far so good, right? A fun internet flame war to keep the boredom at bay. Well, it ain’t over yet.

Now, obviously this is just a PR stunt on behalf of two men who both trash talk in the guise of characters they play but when it makes me laugh as much as it has done so far… I’m down with it.

And when this is the best feud Ziggler has had in months, well, it says something.

Ziggler Vs Apicary for Wrestlemania 2013!

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