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Published on May 25th, 2014 | by Jason


The Dunce Corner – Monstrous Direction

GODZILLA has always been one of my top movie monsters. Hell, GODZILLA has always been one of my favorite characters in anything; be it comics, cartoons, toys, and movies.
(And the new GODZILLA movie did not disappoint.)
So when I saw this photo from behind the scenes on one of the classic series I couldn’t help but wonder what it was like on set and how much fun it would be.
Look! A Thing, or some junk.
I have no doubt that it was much more difficult than I make it out to be. But I loved that old photo. To me it looked like GODZILLA himself, not a guy in a suit, was taking direction.
And that is due to the artistry of the actor in the suit, to not look like just a guy-in-a-suit.
So this new comic is based loosely (and quickly) on that classic photo.

(With respect to all the Kaiju actors and directors out there.)
Look! A Thing, or some junk.

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