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Published on April 20th, 2016 | by Sharp-O


S.H.I.E.L.D. Exposed: “The Team”

Well… That didn’t last long, did it? 

The Team marks the first outing for the current roster of Daisy’s Secret Warriors and boy is it a short high.

tumblr_o5x0v1Sk8P1qi1yb8o6_540 tumblr_o5x0v1Sk8P1qi1yb8o5_540I love that both Joey and Yo-Yo return. Joey’s a fun guy and Elena’s attraction to Mack is super cute. Daisy and Lincoln make up the other half and you’ve got a fairly decent team. Shame it all goes to pot after they exfiltrate the captured Coulson and team while capturing Malick for good measure.

tumblr_o5y7fxIhkJ1qcvp48o2_500 tumblr_o5y7fxIhkJ1qcvp48o3_500The “who can you trust?” angle is pretty cool and comes off very much like The Thing for a short while when the lights go out and Malick ends up dead. The episode does a fantastic job of keeping you guessing on who Hive infected and having the Secret Warriors tear themselves asunder because of it. I wish this had come a little later on because I’d love to see more missions for this team but it makes sense in the context of the current plot.

tumblr_o5xlyu90Oc1rl53x2o3_500 tumblr_o5xlyu90Oc1rl53x2o1_500Over with Fitzsimmons, the latest snafu has only galvanised their relationship. Simmons has utterly had it with putting what they want on hold for every fresh disaster. The pair kill it in this scene; being both charming, cute and portraying an innate sadness that they should really be further along by now.

tumblr_o5xxl3vMu91tt219wo2_500 tumblr_o5xxl3vMu91tt219wo4_r1_500So, yeah, the traitor was Daisy! Tactically, it’s a good move but we all know there’s a deeper, more sinister, reason why Daisy was chosen and it’s all to do with Hive’s current host. Hive has mentioned about having the memories and even the personalities of his hosts swimming around him so Daisy was Ward’s choice… This is bad news on multiple levels. Daisy gets all Season 1 Ward with Lincoln in an astonishingly brutal scene, before stealing the Kree orb and a bunch of Terrigen crystals. As a final ‘fuck you’, she disables the doors to the hangar and leaves while quaking the base to rubble. Damn.

The Team is a fantastic episode, full of intrigue and badassery and it’s just a shame we’ll have to follow it up with The Singularity, which only offers a shit ton or rapey, Stockholm-y subtext as Hive and Daisy reunite. *shudder*

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