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Published on March 16th, 2016 | by Sharp-O


S.H.I.E.L.D. Exposed: “The Inside Man”

Returning characters, witty banter, fun twists? Is SHIELD getting good again?  

The Inside Man is easily the most enjoyable episode of SHIELD this season because it contains all the elements of good episodes past. Let’s take a look at a few of my favourite parts of the episode!

tumblr_o43zt0do1r1so8xfgo1_500Oh, Glenn… You are an immense fuck-up and you’re an absolute treat to watch. Talbot’s return as a comedic foil for Coulson is very much welcomed; not only because they’re incredibly funny together but because Coulson needs it, really. He’s been growing steadily darker and after the loss of Rosalind, the old man needs a little light in his life and the well-meaning dumbass Talbot is a good remedy. Plus he comes with a reformed Carl ‘Crusher’ Creel as a package deal! Creel’s actually pretty cool in this episode so I hope he gets more screen time down the road.

tumblr_o44bm9NuvI1rqnn4qo1_1280I audibly squee’d at this. Eden Fesi is the name of an aboriginal mutant (I guess he got Inhuman’d like the Maximoff twins) who was recruited into the Secret Warriors by Nick Fury and later became an Avenger during Jonathan Hickman’s run in the comics. To see the potential for not only another legit Warrior but also an Avenger show up on the show is pretty neat. Speaking of cameos, that one long-haired Hydra agent? The one who got body-checked by Bobbi? That’s Yoshi Sudarso, who currently plays the blue Dino Charge Power Ranger and is a professional stuntman/actor/cosplaying fanboy. That’s FOUR Ranger alumni in the MCU now, dang!

tumblr_o44bfbkU1N1qzucdqo2_500 tumblr_o44bfbkU1N1qzucdqo4_500The Daisy/Lincoln relationship continues on but the more interesting wrinkle is Lincoln’s subtle sparking throughout the episode; no doubt an indication that the stress of everything is getting to him and that he may overload at some point in the future.

tumblr_o435m2YYR31t5ge7fo1_400 tumblr_o435m2YYR31t5ge7fo2_400Hive Ward dials up the creepy bullshit to eleven this week by exhibiting more of his gross skin powers and bossing around Hydra’s pet Inhumans. It says something that the Inhumans in Hydra are visibly disconcerted at harming innocents, possibly hinting a face-turn for at least one of them? Hive Ward does his skin thing to a group of five paralysed strangers and when we cut back, there’s five bloody skeletons and a restored Ward covered in goop and it’s genuinely chilling as he stares directly at the camera with the same intense indifference he’s shown to everything so far. He essentially just ate five people and looks at the camera as if to say “Nothing can stop me.”


The Inside Man is a great episode that showcases some of the best elements about SHIELD and I really hope that they keep this quality up. We’ll see if they do next time as we follow Bobbi and Hunter to Mother Russia in Parting Shot.

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