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Published on December 14th, 2013 | by Sharp-O


S.H.I.E.L.D. Exposed – “The Bridge”


It’s been a long time coming but after teleporters, doomsday weapons, Chitauri electro-viruses and Asgardian bezerkers, we finally get back to the Centipede subplot as the Team investigate the prison breakout of Edison Po, whom you may remember from the stinger of Girl in the Flower Dress, by Centipede soldiers. The Team brings in some extra muscle in the form of a now stable Mike Peterson and set out to take the fight to Centipede, as Centipede plans to do just the same.

This was, by far, the best episode of the season and it makes me happy to see this show live up to its own premise. Despite declining ratings, I feel the last 5 episodes have really shown how good this show can be and I hope it lives long enough to continue this trend.

Skye’s mother subplot is touched on again and it’s laid out by Coulson and May that she can never know the truth, hence May pretending to look into it. May and Ward’s relationship is pushed when their blossoming feelings for each other are at loggerheads with their professionalism. There’s lots of fan theories involving either Coulson, May or both in the parentage of Skye and I really hope that’s not the case. As fatherly as Coulson is, it’d be just a little too trite for the show.

Mike Peterson’s return is VERY welcome. J. August Richards is a fantastic actor and it’s great to see him join the Team on the operation, even suiting up into a spiffy uniform that befits a SHIELD sponsored hero (See: Hawkeye & Black Widow) His Angel fighting skills are dusted off as he takes on three Centipede soldiers at the same time, even capturing one, only to have Centipede be revealed as the people behind the ocular implants from Eye-Spy. I really hope this group is revealed to be A.I.M proper, not just capitalising on their tech. Plus I kinda want to see what they’d do with MODOK in the MCU.

I said this on twitter a while ago but I would like to see this show expand the MCU in ways the movies can’t. Specifically, I’d really want to see the British equivalent to SHIELD in MI:13/Excalibur. That’s be really fun!


Yo, Coulson got kidnapped! In an immensely tense scene on the titular bridge, Coulson and Mike finally meet face-to-face with the mysterious Raina. The set up is that they’ll exchange Mike for his son Ace, who Raina kidnapped but once there, Mike regretfully admits that what Centipede really wants is Coulson. The two share a great scene as Mike clearly doesn’t want to betray the man who saved him and Coulson is understanding and even a little curious as to why they want him. Once the exchange is made, Mike hands Ace to Skye and instantly goes to redeem himself in a Big Damn Hero moment only to be caught in an explosion, consuming both him and the car Coulson was seemingly put into. Skye’s reaction acts as audience proxy.

But it’s a bait and switch! As Coulson and Raina escape in a helicopter and Raina expresses her employers desire, to know what happened to Coulson the day after he died. YOOOOOOOOO, DAT CLIFFHANGER!

The Bridge is a fantastic mid-season cliffhanger and the best episode of the season thus far. It’s what the show should have been from the word Assemble and given the other absolutely brilliant superhero show this week (Looking at you, Arrow) it’s been a damn good week for TV. We’ll be taking another break until January but they were good enough to leave us with a teaser of things to come! Check it out and I’ll see you all again in January!

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