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S.H.I.E.L.D. Exposed – “Yes Men”

Because it’s ladies’ night and the feelings’ right!Yes Men has a pretty solid premise. Lady Sif enlists the help of the Team to chase down an escaped Asgardian convict with the power to beguile men but it plays out exactly as you’d expect and it’s more the cast and the subplots that carry the episode.

First up, LADY SIF!

tumblr_n2b1ctS6GH1qkdj7xo1_500 tumblr_n2b1ctS6GH1qkdj7xo3_500 tumblr_n2b1ctS6GH1qkdj7xo4_500Awww, yeeeeeeah! Jaimie Alexander reprises her Thor role in this episode and she’s clearly a highlight. Asgardians interacting with humans always makes for great entertainment and while there is plenty of ass-kickings to hand out, Jaimie also brings her sly sense of humour and Jaimie looks like she’s having fun in the role again. Her reaction to a now living Son of Coul is understandable and has some words with her human counterpart, Melinda May. In the final showdown with Lorelei (played by Elena Satine), as she’s being taunted about her former lover falling under Lorelei’s sway, she thinks better of herself and slaps on the Asgardian brass cone of shame and delivers one of my favourite lines of the episode.

tumblr_n2azu7XmbS1riqywyo4_r2_250Lorelei is the stockest of stock villains. Don’t get me wrong, Elena Satine plays it to the best of her ability but the character is the most generic super-powered female character you could have. What’s really interesting are the events AROUND her. She escaped during the Dark Elf invasion of Asgard in The Dark World and her capture was ordered by “Odin”. Now, as we all know from the end of Thor: The Dark World, Odin has been replaced by Loki so to have Loki want Lorelei brought back alive could tie into the next Thor movie. From the comics, Lorelei is the sister of Amora The Enchantress and was a lover of Loki’s at one point so could we see a power couple as the main antagonists of Thor 3? Mayhaps…

Coulson/Skye Watch!

tumblr_n2brhlB8em1qc7wkko2_1280Skye is recovering well, with the entire team doting on her, especially Simmons who wants to test her blood constantly for answers to the GH325 but its denied by Coulson’s refusal to let the blood go to SHIELD Medical. Coulson is defensive about the subject and wants it dealt with “in house” before doing anything else. He calls in a favour from Agent Sitwell and is clearly on the hunt for Fury and as a cheeky nod, Sitwell asks “How was Tahiti?” and Coulson simply answers “It sucked!”. He asks Lady Sif about any alien species she has encountered that are blue (after finding one last episode) and she name drops a fair few species, even some I’m not entirely familiar with but Jaimie puts a strange emphasis on “Kree” so I’m still considering that the odds-on favourite. Coulson eventually reveals the source of GH325 to Skye and she’s unfazed byt the idea, much to his bafflement. He’s clearly freaking out and she’s non-plussed. He’s had the serum inside him for months(?) and is fine and however it will interact with her nature as a 0-8-4 is still a better alternative to death. Coulson decalres that the two of them will be going renegade to get answers from Fury and to, in Coulson’s words, “make him pay.”

In the stinger, it’s revealed that someone is listening in on the above conversation and it’s none other than Agent May, who reports into someone that “Coulson knows.” YOOOOOOO! Any sympathy you may have earned this episode is out the fucking airlock now, May! BETRAYAL!

A pretty good episode all in all, with a great guest star and some more drive into this mysterious “Uprising” event that is coming. Can’t wait to see how this all plays out!

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