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S.H.I.E.L.D. Exposed – “Scars”

The fallout of Age of Ultron is just the beginning of another conflict. 

tumblr_nnxdra59sr1spkxq8o1_540One year in the past, we get a look at what Theta Protocol truly is with Coulson and the Koenigs. Turns out it’s Fury’s new helicarrier!  Probably built from the remains of the helicarriers of Winter Soldier or even retrofitting the original from The Avengers. That’s kinda cool.

And in the present, the events of Age of Ultron are being discussed and the full extent of Coulson’s involvement is laid bare. Team Gonzales is looking rather sheepish but Coulson’s a gracious winner and makes them an offer. Coulson with still be Director but the Gonzales Council will still have a say in matters and he’ll defer to their judgement. Everybody wins!

tumblr_nnxhmsa4P81sd12lro1_1280Speaking of Team Gonzales, we get a look at what they’ve got hidden on their ship, a bizarre alien monolith that transforms into a sloshing liquid and back into solid matter. Raina sees it in one of her visions and it’s clearly bad news for the Inhumans, some manner of weapon the Kree intended to use against their own creations. It might be something from the comics but I’m not super familiar with the Inhuman lore so I’ll be interested to see what it is down the road. Raina’s visions are proving an invaluable tool to the Inhumans right now but who knows how long that will last when Raina is up to shenanigans, or so we think. We’ve been conditioned to distrust her and everything she says but as we go through the episode, it’s pretty clear that she’s on the level especially when it comes to Jiaying and SHIELD…

tumblr_nnwkvkPOm01qgvetno9_500As the team prepares to make first contact with the Inhumans, May and Bobbi scout ahead when SWERVE, it’s Agent 33 in disguise! She’s taking revenge on Bobbi for some mission in their shared past where Bobbi betrayed 33. She leads Bobbi into a trap and Ward tags her with an icer. Thought we’d seen the last of Ward for now but I guess not!

One of the interesting themes of the episode is the difference in loyalty between two groups of family. While SHIELD (especially Coulson and May) has been like a family to Skye, she’s obviously conflicted between them and her flesh and blood family.

tumblr_nnwulw61eb1upsi9qo3_500Gonzales arrives at Afterlife with a contingent of SHIELD agents, ready to have a pow-wow and index some Inhumans. Meeting with Jiaying, Gonazales comes across as the most reasonable he’s been all season, trying to emphasize with her and even bringing a gift; a traditional Chinese luck charm that they found amongst Whitehall’s effects and believed to be Jiaying’s. Things seem to be going well until Jiaying turns heel and kills Gonzales with a Terrigen crystal, shooting herself in the shoulder to make it appear as if she was attacked! She’s stumbles out of her hut, declaring war is upon them.

Shit’s on now! Everything’s popping off and I can’t wait to see how this all plays out in next week’s two-hour finale so join us then for S.O.S.

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